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Was Robin Williams Tragedy About Depression or About an Industry?

The tragedy of Robin Williams’ suicide may have repercussions the mental health industry did not predict. If mass-shootings, where youth kill others, while on psychotropic drugs is not enough to cause a widespread investigation of SSRI’s deadly effects, perhaps the...
Depression Screening for Pregnant Moms- What does this Mean?

Military Suicide Still Ignored by the VA

A recent field hearing by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held in Roswell, NM introduced a new plan to help the VA provide medical help to veterans in rural parts of the country by allowing them to get medical care in their local private hospitals rather than...
Depression Screening for Pregnant Moms- What does this Mean?

Do Anti-depressants Cause Suicides Attempts? – Bad Science and Bad Press

In 2004 the FDA required black box warnings on all antidepressants to alert the public that suicide attempts and suicide itself were side effects of antidepressants. Now a “scientific” study is claiming that these FDA warning labels on antidepressants caused a rise in...