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Brain Damage Caused By ECT

Do Anti-depressants Cause Suicides Attempts? – Bad Science and Bad Press

In 2004 the FDA required black box warnings on all antidepressants to alert the public that suicide attempts and suicide itself were side effects of antidepressants. Now a “scientific” study is claiming that these FDA warning labels on antidepressants caused a rise in...
Brain Damage Caused By ECT

Mental Health and the New Slavery

Life can be tough. Bills to pay, jobs to keep, children to feed, mortgages, taxes, insurance, health problems, a toxic environment, bad education, people who do their best to drag you down… Any of the above and a dozen other categories can cause stress, depression,...
Brain Damage Caused By ECT

What Are We Doing to Children Termed “Learning Disabled?”

Imagine if Kim’s parents hadn’t found a different school for her. Would she still be a “learning disabled” high school student today, struggling with her studies? How many kids out there are doing just that because they don’t have the opportunity to go to another school?