Mental Health and the New Slavery

by | Aug 8, 2013

sad personLife can be tough. Bills to pay, jobs to keep, children to feed, mortgages, taxes, insurance, health problems, a toxic environment, bad education, people who do their best to drag you down… Any of the above and a dozen other categories can cause stress, depression, agitation, sleeplessness, and on and on. If you experience this thing called “life”, you may exhibit some feelings and behavior that happen to fit the symptoms used by the mental health system to define mental illness. If you submit yourself to the system for help, or if someone else reports your behavior, you may be diagnosed with a mental disorder. From that moment forward, your life is no longer your own.
This is a bold statement. I’ll make it ever bolder. The mental health system is modern-day slavery. This is the definition of slavery from Collins English Dictionary: a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
When a teenage boy can be handcuffed and locked up in a psychiatric facility, without parental consent, by the hearsay of his girlfriend…
When an 84-year-old Jamaican man, in Florida to visit one of his daughters, can be threatened by that daughter that if he tries to go home to Jamaica, she will commit him…
When a middle school student can be locked up for 72 hours for a statement that they thought about committing suicide once two years ago…
When infants are routinely placed on dangerous mind-altering drugs, when the elderly are warehoused and kept quiet on 10 or more drugs simultaneously…
…is anyone free anymore? When someone has such absolute power over another, isn’t this, in effect, slavery?
Each of the above is a true story from the hotline at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida.
Once a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder, which is always based on subjective lists of symptoms, never objective medical testing, there is a subtle, gradual loss of individual power.
The whole basis of psychiatry and the mental health industry today, and even psychology to a large extent, is that people need to adjust themselves to the stresses of life by taking psychotropic medication. The word psychotropic is interesting too. Per the dictionary, it means:
Having an altering effect on perception, emotion, or behavior. There is nothing in the definition about actually solving the underlying conditions, only affecting our ability to perceive, to feel, and to act.
Again, a bold statement, the psychiatric industry, aka the mental health system aims to make us all slaves to the environment, slaves to the drugs, and ultimately slaves to the system itself.
What passes today for “mental health” is to get the individual to adjust to his environment, to tolerate it, and to somehow cope with it. With a lack of scientific evidence for the treatments they provide (mainly drugging but also electro-convulsive shock, forced commitment, and even lobotomy) the entire intention is to get the individual to submit into what is ‘expected’ of him/her.
Enslavement is a loss of power for the individual and a numbing and dumbing down of the individual. It sells itself in the guise of television commercials, magazine ads, and movies that glorify and promote the “latest and greatest” drug to handle all our woes.
Let’s take back our culture, our lives, and the stresses that go with it, and let’s soundly reject any invitation to become a culture where anyone can become a victim of the “system”.


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