Mentally Ill Diagnosis Fraud

by | Jun 7, 2013

Mentally ill people, or those who have been branded as such, may take heart from a book exposing most psychiatric diagnoses as fraudulent. Author James Davies’ research shows clearly that the majority of those with supposed mental illnesses are the victims of an enormous psychiatric and pharmaceutical swindle.
Davies, by the way, is a psychological therapist who has worked for the National Health Service in Great Britain.
What makes this swindle much, much worse than a Bernie Madoff financial scheme is that the sanity, the health and the future of our children and young adults is at stake worldwide.
Yet psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies with questionable ethics think nothing of inventing mentally ill classifications that can ruin and even take lives. They admittedly have no tests to determine mental illness. Their science is laughable. Here is one example, exposed by psychologist Dr. Renee Garfinkle:
“On one occasion there was a discussion about whether a particular behaviour should be classed as a symptom of a particular disorder.
“To my astonishment, one committee member piped up: “Oh no, no, we can’t include that behaviour as a symptom, because I do that.”
“So it was decided that behaviour would not be included because, presumably, if someone on the committee does it, it must be normal.”
Even Allen Frances, who led DSM-IV’s compilation, agonizes over the resulting potential disaster of labeling everyday human emotions as mental illness in DSM-V (due to come out this month).
Some of the changes in this edition of the psychiatric bible will falsely label such normal human responses such as grief due to the death of a loved one as “depression,” requiring the administration of debilitating antidepressant drugs.
Frances says, “DSM-5 is suggesting changes that will dramatically expand the realm of psychiatry and narrow the realm of normality — converting millions more people from being without mental disorders to being psychiatrically sick.
“It will have many unintended consequences, which will be very harmful. I am particularly concerned about those that will lead to the excessive use of medication.”
Even worse is a condition also presumably voted into existence known as “generalized anxiety disorder,” which could be a catchall for any humdrum disappointment or upset.
And how many of us have dealt with childhood temper tantrums with a bit of tough (or not so tough) love? Certainly throughout the ages temper tantrums have been endured as a common part of childhood, eventually to be outgrown.
But that was before the psychiatrists invented a condition known as “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.” Perhaps the longer the invented words, the more convinced psychiatrists become of their own importance and infallibility.
Or could it be something else?
Drug profits from the diagnosis of these (and other) psychiatrically invented conditions have soared. Psychiatrists and pharmaceutical executives are becoming wealthy on the backs of helpless children who have no personal say in whether or not they wish to play Russian roulette with their lives and future.
Armed with the truth, parents can stand up to those who have no qualms about abusing their children with pharmaceutical drugs for profit. If the drugs are not purchased, the profit (and the drugs themselves) disappear.


  1. Dolores C. Nieto

    I am elderly and they grabbed my arm,hurt me put me in an ambulancdpe Imwas I’n a psychiatric floor kept me,for 3 weeks they,took my dogs toowant my freedom some retribution for my suffering tel: 941 310:1913 I need help.

    • CCHR Florida

      Please call us at 800-782-2878 and ask to speak to one of our advocates.

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