The Legalization of Marijuana Part 1 of 2

by | Oct 8, 2015


MarijuanaIf you live here in Florida it’s not too early to be thinking about the 2016 election.
Not the excitement of the well-publicized presidential race but the stealth movement working behind the scenes to legalize marijuana in the state of Florida.
For sure, there are forces already hard at work to get one or more marijuana initiatives on the ballot for 2016 and these forces are an unsavory lot with bad intentions despite claiming they only wish to relieve the pain and suffering of patients with devastating diseases.
Their crocodile tears and patient testimonials can be convincing at first glance but that is not the real scene.
Not having been educated with the real facts many citizens think pot is a harmless drug so why not just follow in Colorado’s footsteps and legalize marijuana here in Florida for recreational use or at the very least allow medical marijuana stores to sell it for those needing pain relief the way California has done for years.                                 
Pro-Legalization is Not Fueled by Popular Demand
The Drug Enforcement Agency’s recently published “DEA Position on Marijuana” states that marijuana has a “high potential for abuse, [and] has no accepted medicinal value in treatment in the U.S.” It also stated that “a few wealthy businessmen — not broad grassroots support — started and sustain the ‘medical’ marijuana and drug legalization movements in the U.S. Without their money and influence, the drug legalization movement would shrivel.”
President Obama’s drug czar Gil Kerlikowske has said “Young people are getting the wrong message from the medical marijuana legalization campaign. If it’s continued to be talked about as a benign substance that has no ill effects, we’re doing a great disservice to young people by giving them that message.”
John Walters, past Dir. of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy stated “There are addictive, harmful effects of smoking marijuana. The silliness of pop culture is pretending this isn’t a serious problem. Their entire message is built on phony propaganda that has been far too successful in the mainstream media.”
He further stated “The pro-legalization movement hasn’t come from a groundswell of the people. A great deal of its funding and fraud has been perpetrated by George Soros and then promoted by celebrities. The truth is under attack, and it’s an absolutely dangerous direction for this country to be going in.”
So, What’s Soros Really Trying to Do?
He clearly has more than pot up his sleeve. He intends to legalize every drug known to man – those found in nature and those synthesized in chemical labs.
And make a lot of money for him and his allies in the process.
Soros is the infamous hedge fund manager, who once made $1 billion dollar in one day back in 1992 when he shorted the British pound, forced it to devalue and ruined the financial positions of millions of citizens.
He currently has something like $26 billion in net worth and he is a board member and the major source of funds for The Drug Policy Alliance which is basically his creation with the goal of worldwide legalization of all drugs.
Soros is a big shareholder in Monsanto, the world’s biggest genetically modified seed producer. Monsanto teamed up with German pharma giant Bayer AG (of Nazi era psychiatric drug torture fame) and succeeded in genetically altering a cannabis plant and patenting a new breed of cannabis. Soros financed a TV media blitz to get marijuana legalized in the country of Uruguay but the plan to sell the GMO pot to the government has been slowed by the new president who is not a fan of having marijuana everywhere in his country. In March of 2015 he paused the implementation of the marijuana law in Uruguay.
Soros also has donated about $200 million to drug legalization since 1994, double what most people had estimated until now. Most went to the Drug Policy Alliance and he still gives it about $5 million a year.
“He’s played a historic role in the evolution of drug policy reform from a movement that was at the fringe of U.S. politics to one that is in the mainstream,” said Ethan Nadelmann, who runs the nonprofit Drug Policy Alliance. Of course, by “drug policy reform” Nadelmann means making dangerous street drugs legal.
Mr. Soros and other donors, with help from the Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project, helped 2012 ballot initiatives that legalized the recreational use of marijuana in Washington state and Colorado.
The Marijuana Policy Project and Mr. Soros‘ Drug Policy Alliance aim to support full legalization measures in 2016 in Arizona and California (where they previously funded and won ballot initiatives for medical marijuana use) and in Massachusetts, Maine, Montana and Nevada.
Here in Florida in 2014, Soros teamed up with multimillionaire John Morgan and donated over 80% of the money used by Morgan’s group “United for Care, People United for Medical Marijuana” in its attempt to get medical marijuana “pharmacies” legalized and spread throughout the state. The voters, fortunately, said “no”.
If they can get full legalization on the Florida ballot in 2016 they will surely fund a PR blitz in favor of it.
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  1. gbrandolph

    Marijuana – Is It Really Safe?
    When I wrote a letter to The Oregonian, Portland’s major news outlet, condemning the implications of the legalization of marijuana, I received heaps of scorn. However if you really cared about your health and well-being you’ll consider what I have to say.
    I began studying naturopathy in 1995 because I was not convinced the Western medical solution of drug therapy was the best. I learned a fundamental axiom:
    “ANYTHING ingested or absorbed into the body which is foreign or not natural to its operation is harmful and the body will undergo a de-toxification to get rid of the substance.” Thus we have the REAL cause of probably 80% of man’s illness.
    All drugs are, to a varying degree, POISONS. That is they HARM the body. Drugs do not HEAL a body. Only rest and proper nutrition, and a safe environment away from stress does. However, SOME drugs can HELP a body in dire need under certain circumstances. Western medicine, unfortunately is heavily influenced by profit-motivated pharmaceuticals who have made drugs THE healing agent. Wrong. The residues of drugs will store in fat tissues which the body will attempt to de-toxify with an “illness”. Thus we get the criminal creation of “flu seasons” where everybody is told to get a flu shot in October so they then get the flu in January as the body de-toxifies it residues!
    SO, anybody using marijuana as a “medication” is already setting themselves up for further body illness. ANY symptom diagnosed for treatment by medicinal marijuana can be treated by other non-drug therapy.
    But marijuana is not just a “medicinal drug”. IT IS A PSYCHO-ACTIVE DRUG THAT MESSES WITH YOUR MIND. Specifically marijuana SLOWS the minds process of perceptual intake, and induces sensations that knock a person out of their present time environment. Normal intake of mental perceptual recording is 24 per second. Marijuana reduces that at least in half. Thus people driving are a risk to themselves and others because they observe the environment at half the speed of normal. They may not stop in time judging the car slowing in front of them. Alcohol has a similar effect. Even more, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana causes varying degrees of feelings of “euphoria, spaciness”, etc. That’s the MAIN reason for is users ingestion, NOT as medicine. It IS a so-called “recreational drug”. The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is almost a “false flag” because what it means is that all of us potheads can now do it (under a doctors “supervision”, of course) without the fear of an arrest.
    The prime purpose of life is to survive as optimally as possible. There may be other purposes and each individual has varying purposes and goals they wish to achieve in life. But underneath all that is the PRIME PURPOSE. Only crazy people (like a Hitler or mass murderer) or a person made crazy by psychiatric drugs will do things NOT to survive. “Recreational drugs” is not a political or legal issue so much as it is an ETHICAL one. The concept of ingesting a psychoactive harmful drug to “have fun”? As it POISONS your body and WARPS your mind? Smoking pot, snorting cocaine, shooting heroin, drinking to excess – this is FUN? No matter how anybody justifies it, a society that accepts and sanctions such is, to a marked degree, A DEGRADED society and on its way out. In an ENLIGHTENED culture people just wouldn’t do recreational drugs because it’s not just contra (against) survival. IT’S STUPID! As I tell people in my home state of Oregon: “yes, now you can be legally stupid”.
    You think that I am preaching as a pure lily temperance reformer? In high school during health class I laughed at all the things we were taught about pot. Then after I graduated I got drafted for LBJ’s war in Vietnam. I was introduced to pot. All kinds of it. I did enough weed (and other stuff) to rival Cheech & Chong. After 6 years I got F—ED UP!
    I was becoming what is known as a “bio-chemical personality” and I flipped out. LUCKILY there weren’t psych meds then or surely while drying out, I would have committed suicide. I already felt like doing so as it were.
    Just because its “popular” now doesn’t mean it’s right. I just can’t imagine any scientific “expert” that can ethically condone marijuana for anything, ESPECIALLY as a “safe recreational drug.” So don’t fall for this cultural B.S. Your survival is always your choice and I hope you make pro-survival choices like declining to ingest when your friends urge you that you can’t get in trouble for it.


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