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Schools Should Not Have Programs to Detect Mental Illness

Mass Shootings Can Be Explained with Logical Answers

If you look at the timeline of when mass shootings and murder-suicides started on the upswing, it is at the same time as when the field of mental health introduced psychiatric drugs as a solution to behavior problems such as children’s inattentiveness, depression, and other undesirable conditions. The late eighties were when Prozac was introduced as a panacea pill and became a household name. Other antidepressants, antipsychotics and stimulants came into being. That is the only change in the past thirty-something years

Schools Should Not Have Programs to Detect Mental Illness

Children Misdiagnosed with Mental Health Issues

Behavioral disorders are often “treated” by the mental health community, with mind-altering drugs. Medical doctors exist who can do traditional medical testing to evidence potential underlying physical causes of unwanted behavior. Some children actually have a sleeping disorder similar to the childrens’ story “Sleeping Beauty”.

Schools Should Not Have Programs to Detect Mental Illness

Unwanted Screening for Disorders Alive and Well in Obamacare

Mental Health Screening has had its share of controversy. Upon the eve of Teenscreen ending in the United States, we have the Federal Health Bill which includes many more programs to mental health screen every single generation. There are no medical and scientific studies that show mental health disorders exist and none that exhibit a benefit from mental health screening.