Chemical Imbalance and ADHD Myths

by | Jan 22, 2013

There is a relationship between the chemical imbalance theory and ADHD myths.
The drugs are not “correcting chemical imbalances.”  These are psychoactive drugs that cause an altered physical and mental state.
Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, a staunch critic of drugging children who are diagnosed with ADHD, said this in an interview:
“I spoke as a critic of ADHD at a major federal conference…and although they wanted to emerge from that event with an iron-clad diagnosis for ADHD, they couldn’t. There is no singular cause. There is no biological or chemical cause they can find.”
Dr. Breggin says that 20 years ago psychiatry was “in a terrible doldrum” and that patients were deserting their practitioners, because they didn’t find the “whole process was all that worthwhile.”
Then, according to Dr. Breggin, the pharmaceutical industry came to the rescue. They promised to fund the psychiatric societies and support their journals and conferences. The exchange was that psychiatry became a pharmacy.
From that point on, the spin would be that mental diseases were caused by chemical imbalances that only their pharmaceuticals could treat. The ADHD myth would pick up steam.
And this led to the perfect scam. The losers in this game? The rest of us, specifically the children who were the targeted victims.
Here’s what one young forum commenter wrote re: her experience on Ritalin:
“I was on Ritalin for about 6 months in 7th grade and then the doc realized that they made a BIIIIIIIG mistake and that I just needed more help in my studies. … it numbed my personality. It was terrible. The meds made me not be able to laugh at all. I remember sitting in a class with a few other girls and something funny was said and I knew that I wanted to laugh but I was not able to. It also made sleeping more difficult.”
Another person on the same forum writes:
“I know a teacher who’s had to beg parents to take their children off their meds for just a little while since they were unable to accomplish in class while medicated into being subdued zombies, and the teacher wanted to see how much more they could participate in class when off the meds with their own personalities coming through.”
Even American Psychiatric Association president Steven Sharstein admitted there was no way to test for a chemical imbalance in the brain.
But the ADHD myth has been perpetuated through continuing false claims that psychostimulants are the way to “treat” this “condition.” Largely ignored are the dangerous side effects treatment with these drugs create; such physical symptoms as:

  • Cardiovascular symptoms (palpitations, tachycardia, high blood pressure)
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Tics and other involuntary movements
  • Blurred vision

Equally appalling are the mental side effects that have resulted in murders and suicides by youngsters and others taking psychotropic drugs.
Recently the Utah Supreme court allowed relatives to sue a doctor and his staff for a psychotropic medication prescription that led to a murder.
Since psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies don’t seem concerned about the destruction and death their “treatment” has created, perhaps they can be swayed by a rash of suits by outraged victims.
As evidence mounts that the chemical imbalance theory is a ruse, and more parents become aware that the ADHD myth is indeed a myth, the tide against dangerous psychotropic drugs will turn. Then our children can safely grow to adulthood undamaged by psychotropic drugs.


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