ADHD–News Update

by | Feb 18, 2013

An article in CNN Health, of January 21st, 2013, suggests that ADHD is on the rise, with 5.6% of America’s white children being diagnosed in 2010 and a marked increase of some 69.6% of African-American children diagnosed with the so-called disease between 2001 and 2010.
The truth of the matter is that ‘treatment’ for ADHD is on the increase but that there remains, to this day, absolutely no scientific or physiological evidence that ADHD is, indeed, a valid, verifiable condition.
Many experts (psychologists, physicians, neurologists, etc.) have pondered over this anomaly. One such pediatric neurologist, Fred A. Baughman Jr., has studied the problem very closely. His quandary lies in the fact that “all physicians – psychiatrists included – complete a course of study of disease – pathology.  They know, full well, that it is the physician’s first duty, patient-by-patient, to determine whether the patient has an actual disease or has not — the “disease”/ “no disease” determination.” And yet, through the vehicle of its DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), psychiatry, as represented by spokesmen, Marzuk and Barchas, has conscientiously assumed, but not proven, that ‘most psychiatric disorders’ have an organic basis, making it improper for anyone to suggest otherwise.”
This is a blatant travesty of medical logic and decorum. It makes mockery of informed consent given that, for this fundamental right to be respected, it would be necessary, as Baughman points out, to have a “complete, honest portrayal both of the condition to be treated… and of the treatment(s) proposed.” Yet, today, this right is violated far too frequently.
The result? Regardless of the fact that there is absolutely no proof that ADHD is a disease, presenting any physical abnormality of any kind, the ADHD “epidemic” increased from 150,000 in 1970, to no less than 10,400,000 by 2010, in the US alone! Despite this explosion, the AMA, Council on Scientific Affairs, concluded:  “…there is little evidence of widespread over-diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADHD…” (Goldman,  et  al. 1998).
The Macchiavellian ploy is patently obvious: the number of so-called ‘mental disorders’ in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM has grown from 112 in its initial, 1952 edition, and has had a 300% increase of the numbers of mental disorders in the DSM over the last five decades.  This is clearly not due simply to “scientific naivety”. As Fred A. Baughman states: “ADHD, like the vast majority of psychiatric disorders/diseases, was never discovered or validated by demonstration of a confirmatory physical (including chemical) abnormality.  Rather, it was invented in-committee at the American  Psychiatric Association in 1980  and has been revised on two separate occasions since, in 1987 and 1994.” He continues:  “(The fact) that it is a joint, psychiatric-pharmaceutical  industry strategy is obvious.“
Baughman does not mince his words. Speaking of ‘America’s Pharmaceutical Research Companies’, he states:  “Here again is the ‘big lie’. There is no mental illness with a proven chemical abnormality.” He goes on to explain that, “In their scheme of things, however, scientific facts are less important, by far, than that the public at large becomes a believer in the “chemical imbalance” – chemical “balancer” (pill) view of mental health.”
ADHD is just one large cog in the very well-oiled works of the APA, destined to keep the dollar wheels turning. The millions of normal children who are being mindlessly drugged as a result of this have been hoodwinked into ignorance and false trust.  It is about time this deception were laid bare to the public, for the sake of their own defense.


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