Mental Health Meds DO Cause Suicide and Violence

by | Feb 18, 2013

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School massacres have been happening for almost fifteen years now if one regards Columbine in 1999 as the first one of note.  Mass shootings and murder-suicides date back much earlier.  It certainly appears that massacres by young men have been occurring in increasing frequency in recent years with more fatal results, as seen in Virginia Tech, Aurora, CO and just last December at the elementary school in Newtown, CT.  Even after nearly fifteen years, the general public still has no answers as to why these tragedies keep happening.  
The answer is right under our nose but not many are looking there.  The answer is the majority of those that committed mass murder were on mental health meds.  These drugs have an FDA Black Box Warning that states there is an increased risk of suicide while on the drugs.  This is stating in plain English that the drug could cause the impulse to kill oneself.  Their side effects are anxiety, hostility, mania and violent behavior to name a few.  This information alone clearly suggests the drugs could cause the impulse to kill others.  When looking for a cause of these shootings, this FDA warning and the side effects are glaring red flags that point to the drugs.  At a minimum, they should be investigated, yet this is not being done at all.  
Never mind what the advertisements of mental health meds say.  One must really look at how many cases there are where there was no previous history of violence yet the behavior changed in correlation with taking the meds.  Plain and simple, the drug made the person violent or, he was withdrawing from the drug and he experienced a withdrawal reaction which is known to  produce psychotic symptoms.
Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist himself, is well versed regarding the serious adverse side effects of mental health meds.  Through his research and clinical experience, he has concluded that these drugs do drive people to suicide, violence and mania.  He has been the medical expert on several cases of drug-induced suicide or murder.  He has testified that mental health meds caused or contributed to these horrible acts of violence.  Here are a few of those cases:
       A man committed suicide while on Prozac.  He hadn’t seen his family physician in years, yet at a time of increased anxiety and depression, this same doctor prescribed over the phone a double dosage of Prozac and also added Zyprexa.  He did not warn of any serious risks and one month later the man killed himself.  Dr. Breggin testified how these drugs have an increased risk of suicide so that the doctor’s behavior contributed or caused the death.  A jury awarded $1.5 million to the man’s family.
       A sixteen year old in Manitoba had no history of violence or any serious mental problems.  He was put on Prozac which his mother said made him worse.  His dosage was increased and seventeen days later he plunged a knife in his friend’s chest which killed him.  Dr. Breggin testified that it was the Prozac that made the boy violent and the judge agreed. 
       In the case of Columbine, Dr. Breggin was a psychiatric expert in several individual cases, but none went to trial.  However, he was able to examine Eric Harris’ medical records.  He was put on Luvox, an antidepressant, and he became increasingly filled with hate and violence as time progressed.  His autopsy report showed high levels of the drug in his bloodstream.
Dr. Breggin also states that James Holmes was under psychiatric treatment and his psychiatrist was worried about him being dangerous.  Dr. Breggin is almost certain Holmes was on psychiatric drugs, or was withdrawing from them when he opened fire in the Colorado movie theater.  A family friend of Adam Lanza said he was on meds, though there is nothing confirming the specifics of that.  The Virginia Tech shooter was psychiatrically hospitalized one year before that mass shooting. 
The common denominator here is that all these young men were under psychiatric care shortly before or at the time they murdered others.  In a majority of all cases of mass shootings, the shooters were on antidepressants or other psychotropic drugs.  In the cases of Holmes and Lanza, no details of their psychiatric treatment have been made public.  
There is a simple reason for this.   The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these drugs operate on the basis that the less you know the better.   They don’t want any bad publicity to jeopardize their huge profits and will do whatever it takes to keep the truth from the public. 
If you don’t believe that drug companies make profits senior to safety, Dr. Breggin himself had an experience which will prompt you to reconsider.  In 1994, there were over one hundred lawsuits against Eli Lilly concerning Prozac.  Dr. Breggin was appointed as the medical and scientific expert for a trial concerning violence and suicide caused by Prozac.  
His case was about a man who had no history of violence.  Within one month of taking Prozac, he became agitated and delusional.  His psychiatrist was concerned that the drug was causing these side effects so he stopped the drug.  Two days later, with most of the drug still in his system, he went to his former job and killed eight people and wounded many. Eli Lilly was sued for negligence in developing and marketing Prozac.
The attorney for this case died and a new one was appointed.  Dr. Breggin had a difficult time trying to prepare for this case as this attorney was completely uncooperative.  During the trial, this attorney did not allow Dr. Breggin to give his most important testimony so that Eli Lilly marginally won the case.  Eli Lilly and the media reported as if Eli Lilly was easily vindicated and that Prozac was exonerated forever.  
However, soon thereafter it was discovered that the lawyer Dr. Breggin tried to work with was bribed to throw the case.  The trial judge found out the case was indeed fixed and threw out the verdict.  It is no surprise that this very important truth was never covered by the media.  This makes it pretty obvious that drug companies use their huge influence to hide the truth to maintain their huge profits.
That is why you see false advertising on television such as how Cymbalta can help, when it has never been scientifically proven that Cymbalta or any other antidepressant is effective for treating depression.  They conveniently don’t mention that they do cause suicide, mania and violence.  As Dr. Breggin states, they do disable the brain so that it is in a state of dysfunction to some degree.  These drugs do not improve brain function as is claimed and they do not correct chemical imbalances but cause them.  
It is time that people ignore the smoke and mirrors and look for the truth about psychiatry and mental health meds.  Psychiatry is a cause and not a cure for mass shootings.  The sooner we all get on the same page about this the sooner more lives will be saved.


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