Mitochondrial Disease and Psychiatric Disorders

The Modern “Medication Generation” –Learned to Say Yes To Drugs

Today, 4 million children begin their school day by taking a small yellow pill, Ritalin, to control their hyperactivity. Since 1990, there has been a 700% increase in the use of the stimulant. And more than 2.5 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were written for pre-schoolers and adolescents.

Mitochondrial Disease and Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric Meds behind school shootings?

Antidepressants have been known to cause violent and suicidal thoughts, There have been countless school shootings in the past ten years that ended up to be massacres. In ninety percent of all the school shootings, the shooters either were on or had taken psychotropic...

Psychiatric Drug Success Story

A Wonderful Story From CCHR Florida. This is a wonderful story from a young man who was helped by CCHR Florida! His father and grandmother were educated, by CCHR Florida, on the FDA warnings regarding psychiatric drugs and the existence of non-psychiatric doctors who...