Psychiatric Meds behind school shootings?

by | Nov 17, 2011

Antidepressants have been known to cause violent and suicidal thoughts, There have been countless school shootings in the past ten years that ended up to be massacres. In ninety percent of all the school shootings, the shooters either were on or had taken psychotropic drugs. So why are these medications never mentioned in the news as the cause? What’s the truth?
 The United States is gaining a reputation around the world for raising children who go on school shooting rampages. Earlier this year, we had another one with 16-year-old Jeff Weiss, who went into his school on an Indian reservation and blew away 10 friends. And guess what? He was taking the antidepressant Prozac. Psychiatrists claim these drugs are completely safe. They say that they keep these kids happy and in a normal state so they don’t feel depressed. What they actually do is detach these kids from reality to the point they can go on shooting rampages and not even have a clue that they’re affecting the lives of real people. That is what mind altering drugs can do to a person.
We could go on and on naming all the school shootings, where the shooter was at the time, or what meds they had been on, but there are way too many tragedies to list them all. Better to go on the FDA website and get yourself informed about what the labeling on these drugs actually say. Simply search “school shootings” and almost every story will end up telling you they were on medications. We can clearly see the link between antidepressants and violent behavior and so can the FDA. We’re seeing some of these drugs pulled off the market, more warnings about taking them and slowly we’re beginning to see the general public recognizing the link between antidepressant drugs in our youth and violent behavior, including school shootings.
And yet, we need to solve the problem, that teens are still being prescribed these drugs and that the media won’t draw complete attention to the fact that these psychotropic drugs are behind the violence.
The more individuals that get fully informed, the more young people will go on to live prosperous and long lives.  When stress hits your family, there are non-psychiatric medical professionals that can assist you in finding the potential underlying physical cause with bona-fide medical testing and solutions that do not carry potentially lethal effects.
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Article by Cam Simon



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