Psychiatric Medication Prevents Worsening Depression?

by | Jul 1, 2011

Psychiatric medication is being promoted by Big Pharma as THE way to handle depression, despite dangerous and even lethal side effects.

Martha Rosenberg, writing for OpEd News declares,

“A good chunk of pharma’s $4.5 billion direct-to-consumer advertising has been devoted to convincing people they don’t have problems with their job, the economy and their family, they have depression. Especially because depression can’t be diagnosed from a blood test.”

Big Pharma and the psychiatric profession have invented a scientific sounding variation of garden-variety depression . Their new mental disease “Treatment resistant depression” justifies the possible mayhem or ineffectiveness produced by their pet psychiatric medications.
Martha Rosenberg continues,

“It wasn’t that their drugs didn’t work (or you didn’t have depression in the first place), you had ‘treatment resistant depression.’ Your first expensive and dangerous drug needed to be coupled with more expensive and dangerous drugs because monotherapy, one drug alone, wasn’t doing the trick!

“Now pharma has a new whisper campaign to keep the antidepressant boat afloat. Your depression is ‘progressive.’”

Christina Villarreal, Ph.D. in writing for The Oakland Mental Health Examiner expresses strong feelings on this issue. She states,

“The problem is even worse than it sounds, because the positive studies hardly showed benefit in the first place. For example, 40 percent of people taking a placebo (sugar pill) got better, while only 60 percent taking the actual drug had improvement in their symptoms. Looking at it another way, 80 percent of people get better with just a placebo.”

Through experience, Dr. Villarreal has discovered that depression can be handled in ways that do not involve psychiatric medication. Here is one example from her practice:

“…consider the 49-year-old man with severe lifelong depression who had been on a cocktail of antidepressants and psychiatric medication for years but still lived under a dark cloud every day, without relief. We found he had severe deficiencies of vitamin B12, B6, and folate. After we gave him back those essential brain nutrients, he called me to thank me. Last year was the first year he could remember feeling happy and free of depression.”

For those who are depressed, or whose loved ones suffer from depression, there is hope. And someday the use of dangerous psychiatric medication will be a thing of the past.


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