Psychiatric Drug Success Story

by | Jul 13, 2011

A Wonderful Story From CCHR Florida.

This is a wonderful story from a young man who was helped by CCHR Florida! His father and grandmother were educated, by CCHR Florida, on the FDA warnings regarding psychiatric drugs and the existence of non-psychiatric doctors who worked with alternative treatments.  They were very concerned about their young son/grandson who had been placed on one of these dangerous psychiatric drugs. His father was awarded custody of him and with the help of a non-psychiatic medical doctor, the young man was tapered off of all of psychiatric drugs.

The following email was, just recently, sent to our office by the young man.:

Whatsup, Laurie, Its your favorite person in the world!!! I’m doing very good! I made honor roll and had perfect attendance. I drummed in my school’s talent show and did great!  I sang Jailhouse Rock by Elvis in the rock band and  the whole school loved it.


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