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Antidepressants Cause Autism?

To answer the question whether or not antidepressants cause autism in pregnancy, we first turned to CNN’s article on the subject. In at least one study, it was shown that antidepressants increase the risk of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) in newborn children....

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Medicating Children Away

It is not just in Florida one finds doctors medicating children, even toddlers, for behaviors long known as normal in children -- shyness, restlessness, short attention spans, fear/grief when left by parents in a new school, daycare, etc. Britain now has concern about...

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Psychiatric Drugs: Caught in the Web of Psychiatry

Forty or so years ago, it would be safe to say no kids were on any psychiatric drugs. ADHD and bipolar disorder in kids was unheard of and most other children’s mental illness labels were nonexistent. Depending on your source, six to seven million children are now on...

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Psychotropic Drug Problem: An Alternative Solution

Today, many people are taking psychotropic drugs and have a problem tapering off of them. Mike Cleveland of Setting Captives Free runs into this problem with his parishioners on a regular basis. In an effort to help bring awareness of the alternatives to psychiatric...

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Psychiatric Drug Success Story

A Wonderful Story From CCHR Florida. This is a wonderful story from a young man who was helped by CCHR Florida! His father and grandmother were educated, by CCHR Florida, on the FDA warnings regarding psychiatric drugs and the existence of non-psychiatric doctors who...

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Psychiatric Drugs are Not Safe During Pregnancy

It’s a given that any woman wants to have a healthy baby. It would follow that normally a mother-to-be would take any precaution necessary to make that happen. She would stop smoking and drinking alcohol, as it is common knowledge now that these cause birth defects,...

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Psychiatric Treatment Scam

Psychiatric treatment as practiced by the infamous Dr. Biederman and Dr. Timothy E. Wilens of Harvard University has done nothing to improve this profession’s ever dwindling credibility. Gardiner Harris and Benedict Carey state in their NY Times article: “A...

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Serious Side Effects of ObamaCare

The June 26 Huffpost Politics article, A Depressing Story You Need to Read, takes a deeper look into the workings of Obamacare -- and finds some unfortunate consequences. The proclaimed benefits to the taxpayer are not so great, while the drug industry becomes the...

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CCHR Florida Meets with the National Congress of Black Women

Newspaper Says Will Expand Investigation of Psychiatrists

Check up on DJJ doctors The Palm Beach Post June 27, 2011 Anyone with an Internet connection can go online and see that Dr. Gold Smith Dorval is on probation with the Florida Board of Medicine and that his medical license was suspended because he stole money from...

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Teen Stress Could Lead to Labels

Could stress with your teen lead to false psychiatric labeling? Jeromie Williams, in an article for the, Canada Pop Culture Examiner reports that “Research and records are showing that children and young adults are being diagnosed at higher rates every year with...

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CCHR Florida Meets with the National Congress of Black Women

Psychiatric Medication Prevents Worsening Depression?

Psychiatric medication is being promoted by Big Pharma as THE way to handle depression, despite dangerous and even lethal side effects. Martha Rosenberg, writing for OpEd News declares, “A good chunk of pharma's $4.5 billion direct-to-consumer advertising has been...

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