Depression for Kids – Antidepressant Use Rises

by | Dec 6, 2011

A diagnosis of depression for kids is a large moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry. Shockingly, more than one out of every 10 US citizens over age 12 now takes an antidepressant. A diagnosis of depression for kids is thus included in that statistic. Antidepressants are not the most commonly prescribed drug, but they are still high on the list – number 3, in fact.

What is it that makes depression for kids so worrisome? If a child is diagnosed with this disorder, he may be put on an antidepressant such as Prozac. Some of the side effects of Prozac that have been noted are:
·        Suicidal thoughts
·        Hostile behavior and other mood changes
·        Very little evidence of long-term safety of this drug
·        Distressing feelings of restlessness
·        Possible seizures or convulsions
·        Skin rash or unexplained allergic reaction
These possible side effects are not just theoretical. Men, women and children have died because of this drug. Young people on Prozac and other drugs of this kind have murdered and committed suicide.
In September of this year, Dr. Breggin MD (a psychiatrist) presented evidence in a Canadian court concerning the Prozac-induced murder of a teenage boy by his friend, a young man earlier diagnosed with depression for kids, then put on Prozac.
The boy had been 16 years old at the time he committed the murder. While chatting with two friends in his home, the teenager abruptly stabbed one of them to death. He had been on Prozac for 3 months, his mental condition deteriorating the entire time. Prior to the tragedy, his concerned parents alerted the psychiatric clinic, but were told he needed to stay on the drug. In fact, the dosage was doubled.
Dr. Breggin testified that the symptoms of this young man were a direct result of Prozac, and the violence would not have been committed were he not on the drug. Dr. Breggin also stated that when he was taken off the Prozac he improved dramatically. After just a few months in jail, Breggin noted that the young man was no longer a danger to himself or others.
Dr. Breggin’s evidence included many independent scientific studies that confirmed a large percentage of young people taking antidepressants like Prozac may develop dangerous side effects (such as violent behavior.) And that these hazards are listed on the FDA-approved drug labels for these drugs.
An original hearing was held to decide if the now 17 year old should be sentenced as a minor. If that were to be the case, his maximum jail time would be only four years. The prosecution’s goal was to try him as a result. But on September 16, 2011, based on evidence presented by Dr. Breggin, the presiding judge decided that the young man should be tried as a minor. Judge Heinrich had determined the boy’s violent behavior and deterioration was caused by Prozac.
This is the first criminal case in North America where an antidepressant has been acknowledged as the cause of a murder. It is a tragic event that leaves more than one family destroyed in the wake of recognizing that antidepressant use is connected to violent behavior. If a child is diagnosed with depression for kids, a concerned parent might want to have a thorough medical checkup done by a competent physician (not a psychiatrist). There are natural and even medical means available to handle children who are depressed. Antidepressant use in children is a dangerous proposition.


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