Psychiatrists giving false hope

by | Dec 9, 2011

“Psychiatric medications are among the most widely prescribed and biggest-selling class of drugs in the US. In 2010, Americans spent $16.1 billion on antipsychotics to treat depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, $11.6 billion on antidepressants and $7.2 billion on treatment for ADHD” this was from a Fox News report. The facts are scary, whats worse is that a large amount of those Americans are spending billions of dollars on antidepressants for children.

When a child or teen is prescribed an antidepressant they’re told it will treat their ADHD, Bipolar Disorder etcetera, and they are told that the medications will make them “normal”. Antidepressants are highly addictive and have life threatening withdrawal symptoms if someone stops taking them abruptly. This creates a problem where a child/teen is stuck on the medications thinking it’s actually helping them.
I have personally witnessed many instances where someone told me they have to take their meds everyday or their ADHD, Depression or Bipolar would get worse. That feeling of having worse Depression, ADHD or Bipolar symptoms have everything to do with the actual side effects of the medications.  For example, antidepressants have the side effect of depression; antianxiety medication have side effects of anxiety. The mental health industry is a billion dollar profit industry only because the public is paying for false hope.


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