Action Alert and News Update on the psychotropic drugging of Foster Care children

by | Nov 30, 2011

 In a letter to State Officials (across the U.S), written by three different divisions of Health and Human Services, it states:

 “Children in foster care represent only three percent of children covered by Medicaid,yet, based on a study of pharmacy claims in 16 States, foster children enrolled in Medicaid were prescribed antipsychotic medications at nearly nine times the rate of other children receiving Medicaid.”…

“A majority of children in foster care receiving psychotropic medications have multiple prescriptions.”
 “… there is scant evidence of the effectiveness of treatment with multiple medications. Further, taking multiple medications increases the likelihood of drug interactions and other adverse effects.”
 “Youth Today” published an article to inform the public about this letter and to let us know that there has been no conclusive regulation established yet, that will in fact protect our foster care from the harms of psychotropic/psychiatric medications. (Article: )
Action Alert: Locate your state Senators and let them know that Florida’s Foster Care children deserve the right to non-psychiatric, alternative treatments. Per the Florida Statute on Informed Consent.
To locate your State Senators:


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