Psychiatry—Stealing Children

by | Dec 20, 2011

When a mother in Michigan noticed that the pills being prescribed to her daughter were making her condition worse and not better, she stopped giving her daughter the medications. That’s when the real trouble began! When Child Protective Services found out that the girl was not receiving her prescribed meds they decided the child should be taken away from her mother on the grounds of medical neglect. When the mother refused to surrender her daughter the state Child Protective Services called in the Police SWAT Team. On March 24 2011 after a 12 hour standoff between the mother/daughter and the SWAT team the daughter was taken into custody.

This is one example of how the government and psychiatrists enforce the drugging of children with harmful medications that have sometimes deadly side effects. Just recently the Government Accountability Office released a report with the astonishingly high amount of kids on psychotropic drugs in the foster care system. Forty percent of kids in foster care are reported to be taking medications, some of them taking up to 5 different meds a day and some of them are under one year of age! That’s too young to even safely take cold medication, yet they are taking mind altering psychiatric drugs.
There has been many persistent lobbying efforts funded by pharmaceutical companies that result in America’s children being medicated. The goal is to have a Universal screening program where every kid in public schools would get screened for mental illness. Most psychiatrists would label a kid with a disorder simply because they could be in a bad mood over a bad day, only slept a few hours therefore they would have trouble paying attention in class, the list goes on with apparent reasons to label kids with mental disorders.
In the near future it could go from 40 percent to 60 or 70 percent easily.  There’s no telling how many children will be subjected to the adverse effects of these drugs (hallucinations, suicidal thinking, psychosis, tremors and more), if these pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists succeed with their efforts to further medicate America’s children.


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