Terrorists on Psych Drugs: Mass Shooters on a Grand Scale

by | Dec 6, 2015

mass killingWhat do many terrorists and school shooters in the US have in common?
Apparently, both terrorists and school shooters are taking psychiatric drugs.
When French Special Forces officers raided the hotel room of wanted ISIS terrorist Salah Abdelsalam in the Paris suburb of Alfortville last week, Captagon was reportedly found, according to Haaretz news.
Captagon, a schedule I drug originally created to treat depression, hyperactivity and narcolepsy, is an extremely addictive drug available across the Middle East. There is a black market economy fueled by the drug, the proceeds of which feed the conflict in Syria and elsewhere.
The drug is said to produce a “euphoric intensity” which helps fighters stay awake for days, murdering with abandon.
Here are some comments made by several Captagon users:
“You can’t sleep or even close your eyes, forget about it… And whatever you take to stop it, nothing can stop it.”
“I felt like I own the world high…. like I have power nobody has. A really nice feeling.”
“There was no fear anymore after I took Captagon.”
A Lebanese psychiatrist, Ramzi Haddad, asserted that Captagon creates the usual stimulant effects. He stated, “You’re talkative, you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you’re energetic.”
Like Captagon, stimulant drugs still used to treat ADHD are also known to cause violence in certain individuals, increasing aggression and hostility.
Mass shooters who were known to be on psychiatric drugs at the time of their crimes include the South Carolina church murderer Dylann Roof, who was on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, as well as a the pain killer Suboxone, known to cause violence.
The Aurora Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, was on the antidepressant Zoloft as well as Clonazepam, an anti-anxiety drug.
The Germanwings Airlines co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, who intentionally crashed his passenger plane, killing all 144 people aboard, had been taking Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug. He was also known to be taking an antidepressant.
The Sandy Hook school shooter, Adam Lanza, was never officially confirmed to have been on psychiatric drugs, but when a parent’s rights organization sued the state of Connecticut to get his medical records released, their request was denied. Why? They were told that releasing his records “would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”
The list of mass shooters high on psychiatric drugs is extensive.
The euphoria mentioned by the Middle Eastern Captagon users is mirrored by Adderall users.
Here is a statement made by an Adderall fan on an internet forum:
“My first time ever taking an adderall xr 30mg …The euphoria was intense and was strong for 6-7 hours straight. With euphoric afterglow the whole day.”
Others on the forum also experienced euphoria from the drug, some giving suggestions on how to prolong it, others giving advice on the benefits of other psychiatric drugs, all for the purpose of getting high.
Our drug culture has obviously gotten out of hand, with mass killing of innocent people the most horrific result.
The lunacy of psychiatrists continuing to prescribe drugs with homicidal “side effects” is unquestionable. And the inability of the media to report the truth because of their dependence on pharmaceutical advertising is destroying the safety of our nation.
The unholy alliance between pharmaceutical giants and psychiatrists may prove every bit as dangerous as the threat of terrorist attacks fueled by the psychiatric drug Captagon.


  1. CrazyKupKaKes

    nah I don’t think they got them pills from dark market

  2. amz

    What the hell. Where are they getting those pills from. I am quite sure they are getting them from the dark market.

    • jahn

      They got the psyche meds from their medical doctor . Just as 1 in 5 people in the u.s. have done . Dr. peter breggin (you tube video’s ) are quite informative on the negative effects of these brain Poisons .

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