Is Spongebob bad for kids?

by | Oct 11, 2011

Is SpongeBob bad for kids, even causing ADD symptoms? Should children be exposed to these fast paced cartoons? There have been some recent studies that point in this direction. So truly, is SpongeBob bad for kids, and if so, why?


In a recent study of 4 year olds it was suggested that watching less than ten minutes of this cartoon might cause some short-term attention or learning problems, which of course would make SpongeBob bad for kids. Children given subjective, non-medical, tests after watching this show, apparently, “did worse than those watching a slower paced cartoon”. Bugs Bunny, could be considered a fast-paced cartoon, yet psychiatry was not attacking this cartoon 50 years ago. The key point here is that our society has gotten to accustom to the buzz in their ears that is all too-often humming around, funded by big pharma, that promotes the concept that children are mentally ill if they are acting like children.
Admittedly, the subjective study was a small one. (Only 60 kids) But interestedly, it points towards a Big Brother attitude of psychiatry attempting a determination of how our children should be raised, and what parents should expose them to. And in defense of SpongeBob characters specifically, it is a very popular cartoon that adds laughter to childrens’ lives. So is SpongeBob bad for kids? The study is certainly not a definitive one.
Perhaps a better question for parents to ask themselves might be “Does psychiatry have an authentic medical test to evidence one single psychiatric disorder?” The answer to that will be “No”. (see video No Science, No Cures) In additiion, all one has to do is look at the physical shape our children are in and recognize that sitting in front of a television for many hours a day is having a detrimental effect. Many children are overweight, no longer benefitting from the outdoor activity and exercise that characterized an earlier generation’s childhood.
Some parents may be tempted to use TV as a babysitter for their young children. Despite the ease and availability, it is far better to involve your child in productive or creative activity. You can make up stories together, play games or just take a walk and talk about your surroundings. A young child can even help in the kitchen, eliminating the need to settle her or him in front of the tube while preparing a meal.
So is SpongeBob bad for kids, and should you allow your child to watch SpongeBob characters? That is a parent’s decision, which should be made without the influence of “experts” deciding what your child should watch or not watch on TV.
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  1. Kellu

    of course spongebob should be banned for kids (i mean below 12yo) – screaming voice, agressive attitude, rude behaviour, bad ideas born in mind of adults that should never be delivered to childrens…

  2. Brooke

    Sponge bob is not bad for kids and I love sponge bob

  3. bob

    i am a kid that hate’s spongebob ever time i see it i git bad you shod tell all your kid’s that


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