CCHR Florida Educating Families-Rights, Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

by | Oct 13, 2011

CCHR Florida–Active all throughout the State of Florida

Year after year!

Our office has been in the state of Florida since 1989. We travel the state to help educate the public of the harms of psychiatric drugs and the existence of alternative treatments and their rights to the information.

A Story

One of our favorite stories was of a Parent-Teacher meeting in Vero Beach, in 2007, our team traveled across the state to join up with a dad who we had helped through our hotline. He wanted us to be present at this meeting and we were. We made a real impression.

At the meeting was a panel of psychiatrists who were there to promote their false information about children and psychiatric drugs. The parents were allowed to raise their hands and ask the psychiatrists’ panel, anything they wanted to know. Our team was sitting in the audience and one of our volunteers raised her hand and was chosen to ask it.

She asked the panel of psychiatrists, What medical test do you perform that warrants prescribing these medications to young children?

They had no answer for the audience!

Many parents in the audience applauded. The panel cut the meeting short and our team went out of the classroom to the front of the building where we were inundated with parents who wanted to know who we were and where to get more facts on the subject of mental health.

We continue, year after year, to travel the state. Here are some photos that tell a portion of the story of what we do and will continue to do!

Join us in our upcoming events!

2008–Lots of Radio and events with like minded groups

To inform the public about the harms of psychiatric drugs.



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