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What are the Real Facts About Depression?

What are the Real Facts About Depression?

Psychiatry proclaims that depression is a mental illness which needs to be treated with antidepressants. However, the actual facts about depression do not support this. Of course you can be depressed, but it is not a mental disorder, nor is it a disease. It is neither caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Some forms of depression are a normal part of life. Other kinds of depression may need more investigation to find the cause.

Children with Anxiety

There are plenty of things for adults to be anxious about these days, but what about children? Since children have less life experience, less control over their lives and get more influence from others, it would be logical that children could be more prone to anxiety...
What are the Real Facts About Depression?

Senior Abuse

Once people have aged to the point that they can no longer take care of themselves independently, it is commonly thought that it is time to move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home. One would think that one could confidently enjoy one’s golden years...

The Truth About Antidepressants

There is plenty of marketing today to make you think that if you are depressed you should consult your doctor and see if an antidepressant such as Prozac, Pristiq, Paxil and the like is right for you.  But are these antidepressants effective?  In the article These...
What are the Real Facts About Depression?

Psychiatric Drugs Do Cause Violence

A research article entitled, “Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence,” studied the instances of violence reported to the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System during the years 2004-2009.  An adverse drug event is defined as some form of harm that is...


 MedWatch Written by Mental Health Advocate and Executive Director of The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida Laurie Anspach Psychiatry would have us believe that children can be justifiably used as guinea pigs for their experimental use of mind-altering...