Human Rights Expert: Parents Deserve to Be Involved In Their Child’s Mental Health

by | Jun 19, 2023

Elementary School

If you were to read the news or do a simple Google search for mental health and children, you’d be bombarded with stories feigning a mental health crisis among children in the United States, demanding change. However, these stories are spun by the same people behind the lies of the mental health industry — the same people who claimed ADHD medications were safe for children and not addictive.

In this giant push for mental health solutions for children, have you noticed that parents are rarely (if ever) brought up as a solution? Why is that? It’s because it doesn’t fit the narrative. The mental health industry, including the World Mental Health Federation, has an agenda dating back to the 1800s that centers focus on the contributions of psychiatrists — effectively pushing parents away from their parental roles.



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