Psychiatry’s Descent to Absurdity

by | May 11, 2015

Crazy Brain Medicine

Crazy Brain MedicinePsychiatry is performing a balancing act with blinders on. With every new addition of the DSM, their absurdist theories on mental disorders steer them toward a resounding crash.
Joachim Hagopian, a practicing licensed psychotherapist for over 25 years, has made some interesting observations:
“Misdiagnosis of mental disorders is off the charts. The entire diagnostic system has absolutely no scientific basis. The DSM is mere bogus propaganda. Operating as a psychiatric Gestapo, the DSM and Big Pharma are all about power. There is no brain pathology that can be detected by scientific medical testing. Every mental disorder is invented. It is not like a physical disease that with tests can be detected as real. Anyone with a license, credentials and wielding differential power can diagnose someone as mentally ill, using it as a malicious weapon.”
He notes in his excellent article titled The Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Nexus: “Mental Disorders” Drives Big Pharma Profit and Social Control that there is an ever escalating link between Big Pharma and psychiatry, and that there is an “unholy marriage” between the two.
Psychiatry creates new mental health disorders, which pharmaceutical companies then utilize in their creation of yet more antidepressants, anti-psychotics and other damaging drugs.
One of the most dangerous aspects of this new system of invented mental disorders is the power it gives the government. When nearly every person can be declared certifiably mentally ill, tyranny without recourse lurks dangerously near.
Psychologist Paula Caplan is another practicing psychologist who has turned whistleblower.  In the late 1980s, she resigned as consultant to two committees that were deciding what the DSM-4 would contain. She remarked how appalled she was seeing good scientific research “ignored, distorted, or lied about and the way that junk science was being used as though it were of high quality . . . if that suited the aims of those in charge.”
Ms. Caplan also says “Never highlighted and virtually never even mentioned in most writing about psychiatric diagnosis is that it is totally unregulated. As a result, the cover-ups and misrepresentations of truth and the harm to which they lead continue, because those who are harmed have no recourse, no way to hold accountable those who create and market the hugely profitable ‘first cause’ of the trouble, the psychiatric diagnostic classifications.”
One of the most recent psychiatric disorders is called “orthorexia nervosa.” This little gem of a diagnosis is directed to those of us who are interested in eating healthfully. Apparently anyone who refuses to consume GMO food or non-organic produce now has a mental disorder.
Here are a few of the questions, according to Webmd, that will help you decide if you are suffering from orthorexia nervosa:

  • Are you spending more than three hours a day thinking about healthy food?
  • Are you planning tomorrow’s menu today?
  • Have you become stricter with yourself?
  • Does your self-esteem get a boost from eating healthy? Do you look down on others who don’t eat this way?
  • Do you skip foods you once enjoyed in order to eat the “right” foods?
  • When you eat the way you’re supposed to, do you feel in total control?

The authority of the psychiatric field is blatantly non-existent; they have an inability to apply science to any aspect of their profession. Their mental disorders are voted on by a show of hands.
One wonders how much further they can descend. Apparently bottom for psychiatry is lower than for most professions.


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