Mental Health Services and the Girl Scouts

by | Oct 28, 2011

Not surprisingly, Mental health services as promoted by psychologists have stooped to a new low. Now they are getting the Girl Scouts to do their dirty work. The debate goes on as to whether the subject of psychology is a real science or simply a belief system. In this case, Mental health services, in indoctrinating children’s groups like the Girl Scouts could arguably be guilty of brain washing these youngsters.

What does psychological labeling have to do with the Girl Scouts? It seems a new merit badge was invented, called “The Science of Happiness.” Young girls are given the assignment of evaluating their own psychological well being and that of other people, becoming a sort of mobile, prepubescent mental health service.
Is there any science behind the subject of modern psychology? There is an active debate, with the opinions divided between those who can observe, and those who have some vested interest in keeping the subject alive. Pseudoscience is considered to be a system of theories and methods that are thought of as scientific, but are actually erroneous. Mental health services, based on the pseudoscience of psychology and psychiatry use the “science” label to defend their overprescribing of harmful antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs.
Dr. Allen Frances, who was the lead editor of APA’s (American Psychiatric Association) fourth edition of their bible, the DSM, had an interesting comment to make on their newest edition. He openly admitted his colleagues were not only guilty of bad science, but of turning everyday human suffering into mental disorders.
According to Frances, it is to pad the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies.
The subject of psychology is a mess. Even those within its ranks admit there is no standardized way to diagnose a mental disorder. There are over 250 different systems of psychological diagnosis, each claiming to have the real truth.
This quote by famous research psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey says it all:
“The techniques used by Western psychiatrists are, with few exceptions, on exactly the same scientific plane as the techniques used by witch doctors.” The truth is that psychiatrists, psychologists and Big Pharmaceutical Giants have hired the very best PR firms to promote their particular brand of slow or fast death and destruction.
Documents from Pfizer (which were revealed during litigation) demonstrated that as many as 85 of their “scientific articles” on Zoloft were created by a PR firm. Merck and other Big Pharma companies actually paid to have phony medical journals created for them!
GlaxoSmithKline even got a little playful with this idea of ghostwritten phony reports. They invented a program called “Case Study Publication for Peer-Review,” coining the word “CASPPER.” One remembers the cartoon popular in the 1960s of “Casper the friendly Ghost.”
We all become the butt of these “practical jokes” perpetrated by the psychiatric industry. Children who are labeled ADD and AHDH, pregnant women diagnosed with depression, and put on psychotropic drugs that cause birth defects in their babies, innocent victims of psychotic rages induced by Prozac.
We can wake up to the lies being fed to us by slick PR firms with pocketbooks lined by the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries. When we stop buying their deceit, their customer base will disappear.  girl scout merit badge editor of DSM criticizing 4th edition Pr firms and big pharma ghost writers

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