Justin Drach: Florida-based Attorney Fighting Widespread Abuses in the Psychiatric Industry

by | Nov 20, 2019

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are taken into custody for involuntary psychiatric examination across the state of Florida. Called a Baker Act, the rampant abuse of rights under this law contributes to tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent billing. In a new documentary in “The Voices for Humanity” series on the Scientology TV network, attorney Justin Drach takes on the widespread illegal involuntary examination of men, women and children in Florida. Working directly with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), Justin Drach, a former Navy pilot, flies all over Florida seeking the safe release of countless individuals being held unjustly under the Baker Act.
“Today, in Florida, one of the greatest evils is fraudulent Baker Acts,” Drach states. “I make no bones about it, there is an epidemic of greed and abuse in medicine, especially the treatment of mental illness.”

Drach spent 10 years as a Naval aviator, including a tour of duty in Iraq. After military service, he earned his law degree and along with Amanda Thoele quickly established a prominent practice in Florida. His expertise—battling involuntary examination and potential involuntary commitment carried out by the psychiatric industry under the state’s infamous Baker Act. A strategic alliance with CCHR, a watchdog organization that exposes abuse in the mental health industry, has thrust Justin to the forefront of a movement fighting Baker Act violations. Through the specialized Baker Act Defense Attorney Symposium and Summit, known by the acronym BADASS, Drach helps to educate other attorneys in the art of securing freedom for Baker Act victims.

In support of Mr. Drach’s work, CCHR hosted an event on Wednesday 13 November at the historic Fort Harrison for the premiere of the documentary, “Wings of Justice” where the audience was appalled to learn of the horrific abuses perpetrated under the Baker Act and inspired to take action to help restore human rights.

According to Diane Stein, President of CCHR Florida, Florida is a target-rich environment for psychiatrists and corporations that are looking to squeeze profits from filled beds.
“Florida’s mental health act is weak and due process is virtually non-existent, said Stein. “Patients are bullied into submitting to ‘voluntary’ treatment all to avoid the bare minimum scrutiny of courts making people like Mr. Drach invaluable in the fight to end mental health human rights abuse in Florida.”

Ms. Stein, who is also featured on the Voices for Humanity series for her work in exposing unjust involuntary psychiatric examination of children and other mental health human rights abuses, encourages the friends and family of anyone who has suffered abuse in the mental health industry to submit a report at CCHR.


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