Early Intervention – A Fraud with a Hidden Agenda

by | Jun 21, 2013

infant mental health
Early intervention into the mental and emotional lives of children was given governmental go ahead by Connecticut state lawmakers recently with the passage of Bill 972 “An Act Concerning the Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health of Youths.”
Prompted by the Sandy HookElementary school killings and the demand that something be done about it, the politicians took the advice of “mental health experts” that childhood early intervention is the way to go.
The politicians ignored the fact that Adam Lanza was aware that his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility and there is a strong possibility that his upset and anger at this news was what motivated his killing spree.
A lifelong resident of the area, Joshua Flashman age 25 knew the killer’s family; he is a U.S. Marine and the son of a pastor whose local church is attended by many of the victim’s families.  Joshua told Fox News that Adam was really, really angry about his mother’s plans for him and perhaps that is why he snapped.
This was confirmed at the time by a senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation who said that Lanza’s anger at his mother over plans for “his future mental health treatment” was being looked at as a possible motive for the deadly shooting.
Childhood psychiatrists believe all infants should be screened from birth zero to age three and then treated for “future mental problems”.
The ultimate treatment is always psychiatric drugs. If mom needs an antidepressant to make it through the day in her household, then the babies who live there probably need one, too.
Jay Sicklick is the Deputy Director of Connecticut’s Center for Children’s Advocacy.
He notes that his state already has a program for children with acute mental health problems (putting them in a special child psychiatric hospital ward for treatment with drugs.)
But his organization has been pushing for behavioral health screenings to be performed annually at every well-child visit beginning at age 1 for children covered by Medicaid. Such early intervention he believes could help identify children with mental health issues.
He goes on to say, “What doesn’t exist as well is the ability to identify from an early time on, from 1 or 2 years old on, or even earlier, the kids who might be able to benefit from these early intervention services so that it doesn’t blossom,”
What certainly will blossom under such an early intervention program will be the salaries of government employed psychologists, social workers and child psychiatrists and the fraudulent treatments using dangerous psychiatric drugs that are known to cause death, suicide and violent behavior.
The Act Concerning the Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health of Youths authorizes scary features and uses scary terminology to describe them.
“There is established a Youth Mental Health Care system.”
“The system shall be developed according to a master plan …”
“…community mental health experts appointed by the Commissioner of Children and Families”
“executing a memorandum of understanding between emergency mobile psychiatric service providers”
“training elementary and secondary school employees on the warning signs of mental, emotional or behavioral health issues”
“creating a regional network of child psychiatrists”
It is alarming to see a state government attempting to prevent future tragedies in its communities by expanding and promoting the very group that in one way or another created that tragedy.  Psychiatrists admit they have no tests to show their mental illnesses even exist or that their drugs cure them. They have side effects lists and warning labels from the FDA on their drug bottles that would scare away anyone the least bit suspicious of their authoritarian claims.
To push early intervention into the lives of children starting from birth is a only an attempt to broaden the income of psychiatry and drug companies and create families who believe that if grandparents and parents needed their antidepressants then the babies and children need them, too.


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