DSM V: Laughingstock of Scientific Thinkers

by | Jun 21, 2013

Pills in Spoon
DSM V, psychiatry’s Bible of mental disorders, has been published to an array of ridicule from within and without the psychiatric community.
This latest edition of the DSM has concocted mental disorders such as Skin Picking Disorder, Hypersexual Disorder, Compulsive Hoarding Disorder and a host of others. Author Mike Keas, one critic of this new and even more laughable edition of the pseudo-scientific publication expressed it succinctly; “The landslide of doubts about this whole business is now upon us.”
These are just some of Mr. Kea’s thought provoking reasons for doubting psychiatry’s exalted position of authority:

  1. Hoping other sciences will legitimize it
  2. A long history of failure
  3. The theoretical basis is not grounded in biological reality
  4. Conflicts of interest
  5. No quality control
  6. Main focus is on symptoms, not on causes

Allen Frances, Professor Emeritus at Duke University had this to say about DSM 5; “We already had a crisis in psychiatric diagnosis before DSM-5. It is a sure sign of excess that 25 percent of us qualify for a mental disorder and that 20 percent are on psychiatric medication. Unless checked, DSM-5 will open the floodgates and may turn current diagnostic inflation into future hyperinflation.”
One of the most challenged of the new mental disorders listed in the DSM is that of a bereaved person being considered to have major depression. The psychiatric profession itself has slipped over the edge of sanity in its inability to observe normal human behavior.
The American Psychiatric Association, according to scores of prominent critics, is completely out of control. Everyday human problems are now considered mental illnesses, including childhood temper tantrums.
Have psychiatrists finally gone over the edge? Or are they merely smart business men and women?
In 2008, pharmaceutical profits from psychiatric drugs had reached $14.6 billion from antipsychotics, $9.6 billion from antidepressants, $11.3 billion from anti-seizure drugs and $4.8 billion from ADHD drugs.
Yes, psychiatric drugs are extremely profitable. In the words of one author “…the CEOs of the drug companies are laughing all the way into early retirement.”
Parents are rewarded for having their children labeled disabled due to mental illness. The parent’s reward? Social Security disability payments and free medical care. Plus schools receive more money if they have a supply of disabled children.
The suffering and abuse of our children by this so-called profession is unconscionable. The short-sightedness of parents who allow their children to be abused in this way is regrettable. And how the drug company CEOs and the psychiatrists who have invented the mental illnesses in DSM V manage to sleep at night is remarkable.


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