Antidepressant Drugs Scam Revealed

by | Jun 6, 2011

Are antidepressant drugs a scam? Gwen Olsen is a former representative for Big Pharma. She reveals the truth behind the pharmaceutical industry’s drug promotion in her new book Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher.1
In this Washington Times interview, Ms. Olsen states “…I was learning to misinform and disinform- to counter the doctor’s valid concerns. I wasn’t trained to say ‘this drug is bad for that patient’ or ‘watch out for this drug’s interaction with that one.’ Any information perceived as a negative was always being candy coated.”
And what about psychiatrists? Did they ever question the recommended drugs? Ms. Olsen declares, “You really want me to be honest? The pharmaceutical industry makes so much fun of the psychiatric profession that it’s not even funny. They actually refer to psychiatrists as ‘drug whores.’ The reason they call them that is because they have no loyalty to any one company or product, it’s whoever is paying them at the time.

“I was told in the initial training I received to sell antipsychotic drugs that most psychiatrists got into the field of psychiatry in order to figure out why they were so screwed up. There were definitely some very odd birds! So yeah, they were not held in very high regard. My colleagues and I looked down on them as though they were a ‘lower class’ quasi-physician. Because we knew that they didn’t do anything scientifically, it was all subjective diagnosis in nature, dependent on third-party observation of symptoms.

“So they were easy to sell drugs to. Most psychiatrists are so ego-driven they would literally recommend anything when given the appropriate sales pitch!”
Gwen Olsen tells the story of the tragedy of a beloved niece’s suicide after her antipsychotic drug treatment lended tragic credence to the reality of an antidepressant drugs scam horrific tragedy in this video.
Ms. Olsen explains,

“It was a promise I made to my niece-that I would not let her memory be sullied. That I would tell people what had in fact happened to her and that she would not be remembered as a mentally or genetically defective person. That I would not allow that to happen. I realized that there are thousands and thousands of people out there, [in a similar situation] and they need a voice.”

Ms. Olsen’s message to parents is,

“Stop taking people’s words for things- start doing your own due diligence and research when it comes to drugging your kids. Remember that it not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to protect one. We all have to do our part!”

From a position of authority, Ms. Olsen has bravely demonstrated that antidepressant drugs are indeed a scam. They are, in fact, nothing more than a money maker for Big Pharma.

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  1. Rr

    Thank you. I quit taking Celexa a few weeks ago.Cold Turkey. Flushe the rest of it in the toilet. I feel better NOT bring on it even though I am diagnosed as Majr Depression severe and recurring. Maybe the depression is caused becausey the high expectations of society today?


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