An Epidemic of Psychiatric Drugs Not Mental Illness

by | Jun 6, 2011

Just as the polio vaccine pretty much wiped out any further cases of the disease, you would think depression and other mental ailments would disappear when Prozac and other “wonder drugs” came on the market more than twenty years ago. This is not the case. In fact, the number of people taking psychiatric drugs has skyrocketed and reached astronomical numbers.
The first reason for this is what constitutes a “mental illness” has been broadened dramatically to create a larger consumer market for these drugs. It used to be only the guys walking down the street talking nonsense to themselves were considered mentally ill. Today, normal emotions and undesirable behaviors are now mental disorders. Shy? Don’t sit quietly enough in your classroom chair? Anxious in social situations? These are just a few examples of what are now termed mental disorders which didn’t exist way back when.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (known as DSM), was first published in 1952 listing around one hundred disorders. This is the psychiatrist’s bible used for diagnosis. The most current version published in 1994, DSM-IV, listed almost four hundred disorders. DSM-V is due out in a few years and will undoubtedly have even more disorders. It’s not that people are increasingly becoming “mentally ill.” Since the mental health industry heavily markets drugs as the solution to these so-called disorders, more disorders are made up to create a larger consumer market for psychiatric drugs.
The second reason the use of psychiatric drugs has increased so much is that the drugs themselves cause adverse side effects which call for taking more drugs. Psychiatric drugs can create adverse side effects such as mania, psychosis, convulsions, diabetes, metabolic diseases, violence, suicide or even premature death. These side effects provide a further opportunity to diagnose another mental disorder which in turn produces another reason to prescribe yet another drug. For example, one could start off by taking an antidepressant for depression which then causes a mania perhaps, so one is then diagnosed with bipolar and put on an additional drug.
What is most alarming about this drug induced mental illness is that these drugs are supposed to correct your brain chemistry. This is far from the truth as they actually do just the opposite. There is no evidence whatsoever that a mental disorder occurs from something abnormal in the brain. However, there is evidence that these drugs disrupt and distort normal brain function and create an abnormal condition that could be irreversible.
While the mental health industry has found its cash cow, millions of children and adults are taking dangerous mind-altering psychiatric drugs without being told the truth. Get informed and find out for yourself.

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  1. mark

    I hope people who get these weird little made up diseases and suffer from them a little bit would weigh the side effects of all the drugs the doctor tries to make a dollar on selling to the mental patient, to make a buck. You are a little depressed now wait till you gain fifty pounds and your tongue bounces in and out of your mouth every few seconds and you can’t walk on anything but a wood floor because you are so fat and uncoordinated, from all those medicines that poison the brain to cure the mind.


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