Xanax a party drug causing Xanax Addiction and Death?

by | Oct 31, 2011

Xanax is commonly known as an anti depressant prescribed by psychiatrists and has many terrible side effects. Like any other drug it can cause “Xanax addiction”  and has a terrible effect on ones mind and body. But Xanax being used as a party drug and mixed with alcohol? One can only imagine the damage that can do.
Most people who claim to suffer from depression will be prescribed Xanax, they’ll take a Xanax “bar” and they may think they feel more relaxed and not so stressed, but in reality Xanax is a mind altering drug that is permanently damaging to the mind and body. We all know the effects that alcohol has on one’s body and the damage it does. Taking Xanax already has high risks of seizures and death, alcohol is typically, not as severe but can lead to death when too much is consumed.
So what happens when you mix both?
Consuming too much alcohol by itself may cause a person to “black out,” or experience a period he does not recall after sobering up. When Xanax is introduced into the mix, the risk for this dangerous occurrence is greatly enhanced. Alcohol also enhances Xanax’s ability to cause confusion, greatly impair judgment and produce unusual behavior, mixing drinking with the drug is a recipe for a disastrous experience. Xanax already has terrible side effects by itself such as shortness of breath, seizures, memory problems, suicidal thoughts and more, so when mixing alcohol it greatly increases the risks of all these side effects.
 Both alcohol and Xanax can produce physical and psychological dependence, and both can create withdrawal symptoms when use is abruptly discontinued. It creates a “Xanax addiction” and will make one have a craving feeling to take it more and more. When that happens if someone abruptly stops taking Xanax one will feel withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, seizures and hallucinations.
Besides the fact that people are known to take Xanax for their depression, their is a huge amount of people taking Xanax to get “messed up”  or mixing it with alcohol to increase their partying experiance. The risks of seizers, memory loss, suicidal thoughts and even death is not worth it, not to mention the permanent damage it has on your body.

Drinking alcohol with Xanax as a combination has the most severe side effect…death.
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  1. Tee

    Worst experience of my life when I quit cold turkey sever hallucinations 21 seizures and backer acted I don’t recommend this drug for anyone


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