Was Robin Williams Tragedy About Depression or About an Industry?

by | Sep 3, 2014

The tragedy of Robin Williams’ suicide may have repercussions the mental health industry did not predict. If mass-shootings, where youth kill others, while on psychotropic drugs is not enough to cause a widespread investigation of SSRI’s deadly effects, perhaps the death of an artist as beloved as Williams will spur the demand.
The fact that an entire class of drugs needs the black box warning of suicidal and homicidal possibility in the user tells a story that can only be explained by corporate greed. And that is being generous. Anyone promoting or marketing a product with the possible end result of suicide or murder could justifiably be labeled criminal.
Even some psychiatrists admit there are Hippocratic solutions to depression. In other words, solutions that embrace the Hippocratic Oath of “doing no harm.” One of these is a simple test of thyroid function.
Leah Christian, a 29 year old woman suffering from depression and anxiety was prescribed antidepressants a decade ago. Her mental symptoms did not improve.
Several years later, a doctor tested her thyroid and discovered she suffered from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. When given a synthetic hormone replacement, her depression and anxiety completely disappeared.
Even if no physical underlying cause for depression is discovered, the prescribing of a psychiatric drug is never justified. The side effects of the popular SSRI drugs range from uncomfortable to deadly.
However, there are proven nutritional remedies for depression and anxiety. As far back as May of 1999 the Archives of General Psychiatry reported on a remarkable study where 30 manic-depressive patients were given 10 grams of fish oil daily for four months. Sixty-four percent of those participants reported a marked improvement. Contrasting this, only 19 per cent receiving a placebo benefited.
Osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola also recommends sunshine, exercise and a healthy diet (including fermented foods such as lassi, kefir and fermented vegetables) as additional ways to combat depression.
In the words of psychiatric whistleblower Dr. Peter Breggin (a psychiatrist himself) “…( psychiatrists) have no drugs that prevent violence, but they prescribe many drugs that can cause violence, including antidepressants, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and antipsychotic drugs.”
The world lost a brilliant comedian and gentle soul when Robin Williams took his life. Hopefully his passing will stimulate a long overdue investigation of psychiatric drugs and their deadly effects on many.
According to Dr. Gary Kohls, a mental health specialist, Robin Williams “was obviously not in his right mind when, seemingly out of nowhere, he decided to permanently withdraw from humanity. … Williams’ behavior leading up to his suicide is characteristic of drug-induced psychosis…”
The mental health industry invariably twists the tragedies they create into a demand for “more mental health.” Robin William’s untimely death may serve as a wake-up call to investigate those responsible.


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