Warning: Tamiflu Causes Mental Health Issues

by | Dec 7, 2012

Tamiflu is a prescription drug that is for treating people with the flu if their symptoms started within the last two days. It claims it can also reduce the chance of getting the flu. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting a flu shot but then recommends Tamiflu as the drug of choice for treatment. It is also the drug recommended by the CDC in the case of a flu pandemic. Governments worldwide have been stockpiling the drug just for this reason.
It may sound reasonable but it is not. Tamiflu causes delusions, hallucinations, suicide and psychosis. With potentially such serious adverse side effects, it should have an FDA warning but it does not.
The advertisement for Tamiflu says people with the flu, particularly adolescents and children, may be at risk for seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior when they first get sick. Unless one runs a high fever, it would be helpful to know the science that supports this statement. The ad further states that these events may occur when the flu goes untreated or right after starting Tamiflu. It is interesting and puzzling at the same time that they are telling consumers that not treating the flu and taking Tamiflu could result in the same mental health issues.
In any case, they go on to say that these events are uncommon but may lead to accidental injury and add the advice to contact a healthcare professional right away if any unusual behavior is noticed. Basically they are telling the consumer in the most subtle way that adverse side effects are possible while on their drug, but are hoping the consumer won’t read between the lines and figure out how serious that could be.
The ad doesn’t give you any clear information regarding side effects so that the consumer can make an informed decision. It doesn’t tell you that the Japanese health authorities started investigations of Tamiflu after eighteen junvenile fatalities linked to the drug occurred in seventeen months. A teenager jumped eleven stories to his death while he was on the drug. Two weeks earlier a fourteen year old girl jumped to her death from her apartment building in central Japan. A seventeen year old boy took Tamiflu before bed and got up, walked out of his house and stood in front of an oncoming truck while smiling.
Any parent would want to know this kind of information but it is not in their advertisement. The fact that Tamiflu is banned in Japan is not disclosed either. While many will argue how much of the adverse side effects are due to the flu or the drug, it is perfectly clear that one is more likely to have mental health issues like abnormal behavior or self-injury while on Tamiflu than those who are not on the drug. It is also clear that these side effects increase as the dosage increases and also as the length of time one takes the drug increases. As a result, here are mental health issues getting a multiplier effect resulting in making it much more likely for suicide and psychosis to occur.
Despite reports of patients experiencing delirium, psychosis and hallucinations, the FDA fails to implement any warning comparable to the Black Box Warning on antidepressants. They say it is not clear whether the side effects and deaths are caused by the drug, the flu virus or both. They seem to regard the fatal events in Japan as isolated incidents. They just caution patients to watch out for signs of abnormal behavior. They did not say use of the drug should be limited.
It appears the FDA isn’t making it a priority to sort out what this drug does. They have not considered that a child started hearing voices after one dose. A different child developed severe anxiety after taking Tamiflu. Aren’t behaviors such as these important enough to warrant an investigation?
Also in question is the effectiveness of Tamiflu. When considering taking a drug, one always needs to decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects or risks. In the case of Tamiflu, there is no science that it actually works. It can reduce symptoms by thirty-six hours but is completely ineffective after a few doses. Shockingly enough, it commonly causes the flu symptoms that it is attempting to treat, such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue and cough! Clearly just having the flu is more desirable than even more flu symptoms and potential suicide while delirious.
This is not the first time a drug has been marketed as safe and effective when it is not. Psychiatric drugs are marketed as such but don’t cure anything and only have horrific side effects such as suicide. They are supposedly treating a mental condition but on the flip side, Tamiflu is not treating a mental condition yet produces one as a side effect.
Cimetidine (brand name Tagamet), is another drug that produces such a condition. It is a drug used to treat gastritis. It caused hallucinations and bizarre behavior in a fourteen year old girl three days after taking the drug. She had no history of drug abuse or psychiatric disorders. Her physical examination and lab work showed no abnormalities. Within twenty-four hours of discontinuing Tagamet, her behavior returned to normal and the hallucinations ceased. Clearly there is a cause and an effect here directly related to the drug. Though any parent would want answers to this incident if this was their daughter, it would be not be enough for any authority to check into it.
The main point here is that you need to do your homework when it comes to drugs. The FDA, the CDC and the drug manufacturers are not the sources to go to for the full true story regarding the drug in question. Drugs have been FDA approved many times only to be recalled when found to cause diabetes, heart attacks and other life debilitating conditions or even death. Psychiatric drugs in particular should be banned entirely since suicide is a possible side effect, yet they are still on the market because they are big business and those in charge don’t want to lose their share of the profits.
In the end if you do your homework you will be informed and can make a sound decision. Sometimes drugs are necessary for a medical condition and other times they are not. There are plenty of alternative treatments available these days that work. Check it out and stay away from anything threatening to cause mental health issues. You and your family will be healthier for it.

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  1. Nightmare

    My 14 year old is very sick with a high fever so my wife took him to urgent care. They prescribed Tamiflu. I researched it, having never heard of it, and into the garbage it went. Just more reinforcement to never trust the medical system!

  2. Mel

    My 5 year old son took one dose of the generic Tamiflu about a week ago and now has night terrors that are terrifying!!! This drug NEEDS to be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!!


      Did your child get better?

    • Tara

      How long did it take for the night terrors to go away?

  3. Sophia

    My 6 year old daughter took tamiflu for 9 days and I stopped it because she was acting different. About 1 week after stopping it she is telling me her “mind” is telling her that she doesn’t love me, all moms are better than me, she doesn’t mean it when she hugs me, ect ect. She keeps asking me if it’s true. She is also saying a lot of “I don’t know” in response to any questions that are asked of her” It’s heartbreaking. Before this she was the most loving and caring little girl. I am calling my doctor tomorrow. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


      Has your daughter gotten better? My 5 year old is having many issues now as well and it’s only been a month, I don’t know if it will go away on its own.

  4. Shelley Backer

    My daughter had this experience as well. Many episodes! 1 to 2 times per month…for around 3 years! This began 30 minutes after ONE dose of Tamiflu!

  5. Carlos

    I took Tamiflu about 3 weeks ago. After I finished the last dose I developed severe anxiety, panic attacks, irritability insomnia and vivid nightmares/dreams. I nor my family have prior history of mental issues. I have 2 weeks of these symptoms and am taking benzos and other anti depressants because of it. I am so furious that this is so common and it has not come to light. The stories and comments I’m reading on here so saddening.

  6. Chelsea

    I also have had psychiatric changes since taking this medication. The first time I became paranoid but my partner kept telling me to take the medicine so I finished it. I began struggling with anxiety and depression I hadn’t had previously. The next year I got sick with the flu again and was prescribed tamiflu generic and it was so much worse. I still don’t feel like myself, now I am in therapy for $100 per week and never had these issues like this. I developed afib and panic attacks that were debilitating, I still suffer from it and have had to learn a new way of life. It’s been flipped completely upside down for me. I feel like a slave to anxiety I never had before. Sometimes I worry it causes delusions because I’m constantly thinking people are saying things they aren’t now. I still manage to work and have a fairly normal life looking in but I worry I’ll just lose my mind now one day.

  7. Ecaterina Dobrin

    Which is te solution to eliminate this drug from pur childdren bodies?

  8. Ecaterina Dobrin

    Plase tel me if you recovered?

  9. Chris

    Took 1 dose of Tamiflu and am still not well 2 days after. I dont even feel like the same person. I really hope it does away soon. I’m a 32 year old man with average health. If you know about how long I’ll be delisusional and panicky please let me know it goes away eventually because I’m worred.

  10. Brenda

    My whole family took Tamiflu after my mother was hospitalized with flu. My daughter and I got the flu. My husband and 3 year old son did not and we’re taking Tamiflu preventative dose. My daughter took it for three days and each night she had a horrible night terror. She would sit up screaming, with a blank stare. She appeared not to recognize me nor my husband and the sight of us frightened her. We were able to coax her back to sleep. It was terrifying. It wasn’t until the 3rd night I put two and two together that it could be the medication. I stopped giving it to her and the night terrors stopped. She didn’t have any long term issues from it, but I will never ever again take that medication nor give it to my children.

  11. Andy

    A doctor prescribed tamiflu for our 16-year old son six days ago. He took three doses over 2.5 days. By the third day, he was crying uncontrollably, saying he had “evil” and “dark” thoughts, and thoughts that he was worthless. Our son is the most level headed, calm kid you can imagine. It has scared us to death. After a day of witnessing this, we took him to children’s healthcare’s emergency room, because we heard they had a psychiatric doctor on staff 24/7. The doctor agreed it was likely due to the Tamiflu. After six days, my son is still struggling with it; however, the doctor gave him an anti-psychotic medicine, which is helping quite a bit. Unfortunately, though, without the medicine I’m afraid he would still be in a deep state of depression/psychosis. It is terrifying.

  12. Georgina

    My son is on same situation now please we need to do something about this, it is no fear for nobody. Please contact me @ Georgina_imelda@hotmail.con

  13. Ally

    My daughter and I took Tamiflu I haven’t slept and Iv had face numbness and I have horrible dreams. Last night i felt like I was being harrassed by the devil himself it sounds crazy! I am a great sleeper and now idk. My husband took Tamiflu last night and said he was having really crazy dreams. I pray its out of our systems and I pray my daughter is ok so far I haven’t seen a difference in her. This medication needs to be banned. My sons doctor told me not to give it to my son because of these side effects that he had a patient who thought he was a bird and almost jumped out a window. The urgent care where I took my daughter didnt say there was any side effects like this. SO WRONG!! THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN

  14. Leila

    Last Jan, my daughter got flu and doctor gave her Tamiflu. after 5 days using Tamiflu, she starts getting confused, hallucinations and since then our nightmare started. She was a happy & bubbly girl and now, she is quite with bad depression and hallucinations. Doctors are saying it is the start of Schizophrenia. I don’t know what to do? where to go? Do you know if there is any social gathering for this kids? She lost all of her friends and no one calls to say hi or see how is she doing. She is so sad and that is very hard for me as a mother to watch my kid like this. It is 9 months and no answer or results.

  15. CMH

    Steve G, have your symptoms gone away? If so, how long did it take? How bad did it get for you before they went away. Were you prescribed anything that actually helped relieve the symptoms?

  16. J.C.

    I am horrified to hear of all these child cases. I hope and pray your loved ones fully recover. PLEASE, if your child has had a reaction to Tamiflu, go to the hospital! If you have to stop and think about whether you should, something’s changed in them, and you found this page. JUST GO!
    I am 35 years old and experienced a severe psychotic episode as a reaction to Tamiflu. Luckily, though I was arrested, I was delivered to an emergency room where they admitted me, kicking, screaming, biting, spitting, and clawing, into MICU. I was treated with antipsychotics and released without issue 3 days later. I hallucinated throughout the experience and do not recall being jailed 2 nights, nor my time in hospital. I am lucky in that I have not developed any lasting issues.

  17. Jade

    Just one day after my daughter was born, I was diagnosed with the flu. They put me on Tamiflu, and not knowing any better, I allowed them to put my one day old daughter on Tamiflu to prevent her from getting it. She took it for 7 days. She never had any side effects at the time, and somehow never got the flu even though both me and her brother had it at the same time. But now, here we are 2 months later, she is 10 weeks old and the doctors believe she is having seizures. They started a few days after getting her 2 month vaccines. Id on’tknow if this was caused by the Tamiflu, vaccines, or if it was something else. But I do know that I will never allow any of my children to take this medicine again. Id much rather be safe than sorry.

  18. Michele

    My 16 year-old daughter took ONE Tamiflu pill on Feb 8 due to fever/flu and that evening she felt disconnected from us and had what we think is a panic attack. She now has severe anxiety and horrific symptoms of depersonalizations and de realization (or DP/DR)… It’s a form of disassociative disorder. This is just horrific for her and for us. We have a psychiatrist, therapist, personal physician and soon a neurologist involved. The main thing is she has experienced these symptoms 24/7!!!!! I am angry and so sad,

  19. lastharvestministry

    Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking experiences. This will save many children’s lives, those who rely on us, parents to make an informed decision for them. It is disgraceful that this year doctors push Tamiflu to everyone who is sick. They claim because of a particularly severe strain. What can be more precious then your child’s quality of life! Long-term side affects of this medication are truly disturbing. Say a prayer instead, way more effective. A prayer of the righteous availeth much.

  20. Bryan

    My 63 year old wife took Tamiflu for the first and only time starting 2/23/2018 and my sweet caring baby became an angry and delusional person who I did not know. On Monday February 26, 2018, my beautiful loving wife for 39 years walked out to our back yard and shot herself in the head. I am gutted.

  21. Matt palmer

    All I can say is before tamiflu what did we have to stop the flu? We treated the flu with natural stuff and over the counter meds like cough syrup and such.. this tamiflu is like a quick way to get rid of the flu. The side effects alone scares me.. so home remedies is what I’m doing

  22. Bobbi Arnett

    My son has developed extreme paranoia as a side affect. He can’t go to work. Or help his newborn son. I hope it goes away!! Very sad. His family life was just beginning. Only 25 years old

  23. Female43

    I been off tamiflu for 2 days and within the 2 days im seeing black spots in my vision ,has anyone else have a vision problem? 43 yr female

  24. accutunna

    I had a similar horrible reaction as described elsewhere above- delusions, several hours of crying for no apparent reason, no sleep for 30 plus hours, etc.after 2 days of doses which I then stopped. A cousin Pharmacist gave me Benadryl which seemed to nutrualize the effects,,,,,,,, I was being treated with Chemo at the time.

  25. cwh,RN

    I am 71 years old. four days after symptoms of type A flu started, my fever spiked to 105.6. Though the fever came down within minutes, I went to the ER. Type A flu was confirmed by the lab. I was given normal saline IV and felt well enough to drive 40 minutes on the freeway at night to get home. I was feeling much better. Tamiflu was prescribed, and I took the first dose that night. Extreme fatigue started that night. I could not eat or drink. I slept on the bathroom floor to be near the toilet so it would be easy to throw up. Two days later I was back in an ER with dehydration, N/V, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. At that time a MD told my wife she was experiencing classic Tamiflu psychosis with strong suicidal impulses. She had taken 5 days of Tamiflu. I was admitted and spent 5 days in hospital with IVs the whole time. I experienced such despair that a psychitrist was called (no previous psych problems). I refused any Tamiflu in hospital, but continued to feel extreme despair. A presence kept telling me to just let go and die. The whole time in hospital I took no meds for flu. When I got home I stareted drinking lots of Boost. It has taken two weeks to rid myself of the feelings of despair. As I left the hospital I was reciting “I WILL live.” to fight the “presence”. It seems to me that I was just about over the flu when starting Tamiflu. I ascribe the horrors and fatigue and all that I have experienced to 4 doses of Tamiflu. My wife is still fighting Tamiflu psychosis, but it is getting better. No one in my family will ever take Tamiflu again.

  26. Nick

    I am a 31 year old man with a history of PTSD from serving in the US military. 2 days ago I was diagnosed with the flu (influenza type A). I was told to take Tamiflu (75 mg) which I began taking Saturday night at 7 PM. All day Sunday I felt crazy. My thoughts were jumping from homicidal to suicidal to violent outbursts which scared my family. I kept taking the drugs because I didn’t realize they were causing this behavior. No warning was given to me. Admittedly I should have researched the drug before i started taking it. I felt as if my PTSD was back in full swing, undoing 10 years of meditation and personal psychiatric work with only 3 doses. I went to the Emergency Room Sunday night with hallucinations and suicidal thoughts and was told there was nothing that they could do. I have discontinued use of the drug, but I would like to tell this story to warn others about the possible side effects of taking this dangerous drug.

  27. eevie

    we caught the flu last week. They gave my husband tamiflu. He became extremely violent so not only was i sick as hell..i had to deal with a maniac. Thanks tamiflu for no warnings you bastards.

  28. Mickey

    PLEASE READ!!! I’m 18 years old. Today was day 3 of taking tamiflu. Everything had been going okay taking the drug until today. I noticed I wasn’t feeling myself throughout the day, I had mood swings and felt nauseous. As I was driving home from running errands, I felt my body start to go numb, I knew I was going to pass out. I stopped my car and put it in park on the side of the road and did some slow breathing trying to prevent from passing out. I called my mom who is a nurse and she tried talking me through keeping myself calm until she could arrive to get me. I was having a severe anxiety attack and hallucinations, I faded in and out constantly, almost passing out several times. When my parents showed up to get me I was ballistic, my entire body was shaking and I was crying terribly, pleading with them and asking what was wrong with me. Completely out of character for me because I am not an emotional or nervous person at all. They insisted I calmed down and I finally came back to reality and was able to make it the rest of the way home without passing out. That was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I could’ve died from passing out while driving because of this drug. I had no warning from my doctor of any of these kinds of possible side affects, had I known this was a possibly, I would’ve NEVER taken this drug. After my experience today I have read through countless other horror stories of people taking this drug with no warning of the potential side affects. Why is this happening? Children are dying, self harming, going crazy and almost killing their parents, all because of this drug. This has to stop IMMEDIATELY!!!

  29. bigal

    years ago at age 55 I took two doses of tamiflu. strange nightmares began immediately, that stayed with me while awake. I stopped taking it. it took about 10 weeks for the feeling to subside. it was very disturbing

  30. Maddie

    My 6 yo daughter is still recovering from the flu. I have her tamiflu once and that might she was acting wierd. Talking to herself, in a sleep like state. Her eyes wide open and clearly shaken by something. She began screaming, and it was like she was in a dream she couldn’t get out of. It scared me!!! I could barely snap her out of it. I’ll never give that to her or my other children ever again. The 12 hours it’s supposed to knock off is not worth the side effects. These drugs are dangerous! I hardly trust doctors anymore.

  31. Jennifer

    My little 2 year old cousin tested positive for the flu this past Christmas. His mother administered the tamiflu medicine to him and reported that her recently happy calm nice child was suddenly but I g, scratching, crying uncontrollably and attempt g to hurt family members. She made the decision to stop the medication in fear. I plead of anyone who has had these effects to report them to the proper authorities! I am very sorry to hear you guys had trouble also

  32. Donell

    I took Tamiflu and after about 4 days of taking it I noticed that I was getting very depressed. I have medical background and knew that something was not right. I stopped taking it but it still took over a month for me to get back to normal mentally.

  33. T. Demongeot

    My 86 year old mother was given Tamiflu recently. After 3 days her mental health has changed. She is paranoid, delusional and hallucinating. She suffers from insomnia as well. My sweet mother has turned into someone mean and nasty. It has been over a week of this behavior and it is not getting better. Has anyone else had an elderly person effected by this drug? Did they recover?

  34. Man 54

    I’ve been on tamiflu for 4 days and I have been a raging lunatic. Tonight I waned to kill myself and I started to research the drug and found out then it must be what’s going on. I’ve never been suicidal before. How do we get this drug off the shelves? How do we report it to the FDA? Something has to be done now!

  35. Steve G

    I’m in my mid-40s and after 3 days of Tamiflu I’ve felt depressed and anxious to the point that I began immediately researching tamiflu side effects for fear that something was wrong with my mental wellbeing.
    I had taken tamiflu last year with no side effects but this time I was prescribed a generic version of tamiflu. I’m hoping it gets out of my system soon 🙁

    • Kahlitah

      Hello how long did it take to get out your system

    • Parker Witte

      steve have you found any relief yet? I am also experiencing side effects

  36. A.E.

    Am grateful to Tamiflu for keeping me out of the hospital on those occasions when I did take it. As an asthmatic, the insinuation that is is better to have a raging case of the flu and its complications is foolhardy.
    No drug is perfect, nor will ever be. My heart goes out to those who are connecting Tamiflu with other disorders. As a person who has dealt with depression for years, I would love to look for a cause. But am grateful I have the means to deal with that pharmaceutically as well. Sometimes it is simply the way we are wired, or pre existing conditions within our systems.

  37. Bradley Scott Roon

    Since when did the flu cause such psychotic actions? Jumping off tall places, standing in front of oncoming vehicles… That is not listed as a side effect of any flu i’ve ever read about…

    • George Martin

      You didn’t read the article….

  38. Tammy Rose

    My family has taken Tamiflu a few times and we’ve never had any problems with it. I spoke to a pharmacist about it before giving it to my daughter and he gives it to his children anytime they have flu symptoms and he trusts it completely. I know many people that have taken it with no problems.

    • Tammy Rose

      I’m just wondering if maybe anyone that’s possibly had bad reactions to it were maybe allergic to something in Tamiflu?

    • Laura

      I have 3 in my family that have taken this medicine. My husband and older son had no problems. My younger son of 11 it has caused a change of life for him and we are concerned about his mental health. I would not recommend any child taking this medicine because if it was your child experiencing these symptoms that might not ever go away is the worse feeling ever.

    • Laura

      All 3 of my family members took the exact medicine. It was the generic tamiflu. Medicines affect people different ways and it HAS affected my younger son mentally. We are having to see a counselor, give him anxiety and depression medicine, and hope and pray that he is ok. It has only been a month and thankfully it’s the summer, but he is not the same kid. I am praying that this is only temporary and not any type of permanent brain damage, and I am researching ways to help him. I have considered the Amens clinic. If you have any feedback on if this gets better or what to do. Please respond.

    • Parker Witte

      Laura have you found any relief? I have been off of tamiflu for 4 days and am experiencing extreme anxiety , insomnia , panic attacks, etc. I am a 25 y/o male. I have never had these traits before and am sure it was the tamiflu. Just wondering if there is any hope for relief!

  39. Linda L.

    I took this two weeks ago and am perfectly fine.

  40. Rachel

    During my pregnancy i became sick i went to the dr and was told i had influenza i was given a shot and also some medicine which was tamiflu and other medicine, my son had no complications during labor and he look fine, during his 4 months vaccines he had a reaction because he had a seizure, few months after he had several reactions, he was delay in all areas by 9 months they found out he had brain damage i always wonder if the tamiflu had anything to do with him being delay???? Or if it was the vaccines?

  41. Tiffany cook

    Hi, I was just curious if anyone has noticed any long term effects? My little one had tamiflu when she was 2… after the first dose, she started seizing and having hallucinations. Since then (she’s 5 now) she has gotten the flu and strep multiple times… she also ALWAYS has a fever that nobody can manage to figure out the cause of. I’m just curious if this has happened with anyone else?

    • Kristy

      My daughter (just turned 5) is hospitalized right now because of psychotic episodes and insomnia because of using this for only 2 days. We have done an MRI and Spinal Tap because doctors believe it may have caused encephalitis. She has not been normal since taking the medicine….this drug should be banned. We are now on day five and no relief in site from her outbursts, screaming, crying and she won’t sleep without being sedated.

    • Angie Christian

      Hi, I just wanted to know how your son is? My son had 2 doses of Tamiflu yesterday and had similar incidents thru the night. It was horrifying! He took a nap today and woke up with the same fright and hearing voices telling him really scary things. i guess after reading all the research and personal situations it has definitely frightened me even more afraid this could be long lasting. I hope your son has not suffered anymore!

    • Shelley

      My daughter took this drug ONE TIME when she was 6 or 7. She had her first night terror 20-30 minutes after taking the first dose. She could not be roused, had a blank stare, screamed things like “I want my momma” (when I was standing right in front of her, “I hate you” then “I love you momma…doesn’t remember a thing after the episodes. These lasted 30 minutes to an hour. And the episodes were about 2 times a month for YEARS! At the time I couldn’t find anything about this side effect. And couldn’t believe that it would continue after discontuing the medication. (She only took it once.) But it seems thjat they have subsided….FINALLY. There is hope.

    • Janice

      My daughter took her first and second dose a couple days ago. It made her sick so we stopped giving it to her. Fast forward 3 days and she just told me she keeps hearing voices. She can’t describe them or put a picture to them she said. She just wants it to stop. I’m heartbroken. She’s only 8.

    • Parker Witte

      How long until yall found relief? I am 25 y/o and have been experiencing severe mood cnanges / perception changes / anxiety for days. I am wondering if there is hope .

  42. mark cleverdon

    i was prescribed tamiflu 10 days later i had a blood clot and had my leg amputated. no history of clots and my discharge papers state cannot find any normal cause. currently seeking compensation

  43. Andrea

    My son was seven at the time he became severely sick with the flu and was given tamiflu. While he seemed to make improvements illness wise I noted his serious depressive state in the two weeks following his recovery. It has been a roller coaster ever since, and now I’m battling outbursts at school with a child who has always been super smart, creative, upbeat and loving school. My happy boy now tries to bang his head on the wall when he feels “worked up” at school. He was never like this before and I am heart sick for him – he doesn’t seem to understand it either or how to control it, and the last thing we want is more medication. Praying for answers. I don’t want this to happen to any more children. We were not informed of any issues at the time of his illness and the medication was treated as routine and no big deal.

    • Kristy

      Andrea, I am dealing with this same problem with my 5 year old who just took this drug. Did you son finally get back to normal?

    • Andrea

      Kristy – my son is 9 1/2 now and we’re working our way through fourth grade. We have good days and we have rough days. We’ve been working a lot on helping him to be aware of his emotions and realize he can choose how he feels and choose how he responds to things (especially on the down days). Our aim is to keep it positive. I often have to stay stern with him when he starts to slip into a mood and help him fight back out of it. He gets impatient more quickly than when he was younger, before the flu. He was a really easy going kid, compassionate heart. More of him shows up more often now, but it’s been a long road. I just have to be mindful of triggers and be prepared. I pray you’ll find some improvements. This stuff just shouldn’t be given to children.

    • Elaine

      Have you tried homeopathy? Joette Calabrese (sp?) is a recommendation. It might help.

    • Brittany

      This is very interesting. I came in here to see if there was any relation to my 8 year old daughter’s outbursts and behavior at school that started this past year, and sge took this a year ago. She also has been the holy grail child, and I’m stumped.

  44. Kim

    My child was just six when he took Tamiflu. Within 48 hours he was acting strange, and then starting taking to himself and making weird sounds. It intensified and he developed constant vocal and motor tics that sent us to the Emergency room. No one had an explanation and diagnosed him with Tourette’s. He literally developed it overnight after taking Tamiflu. That was seven years ago and he he still has tics, plus anxiety attacks, problems learning and sensory processing disorder. He acts irrational at times and worries a lot. I am heartbroken that we ever gave him the Tamiflu. I know it caused permanent damage. I can’t believe they still gave this horrible drug on the market.

    • Mandy

      Kim it sounds like your child has PANDAS Or PANS!! If you have any questions or want to join PANDAS Facebook groups please send me a email

  45. jim45

    My precious well adjusted 13 year old son took tamiflu for type A influenza and the second day after starting he started having panic/anxiety attacks. Coincidence? Drug companies may want to say so. So sad when a little boy who has had a wonderful life and possible bright future starts having panic attacks they don’t understand and with tears in their eyes during such they ask mommy and daddy to help them and we can’t. Was relenza ineffective? Amantadine? Why are doctors prescribing this stuff to treat the flu? Only barely reduces symptoms and duration. The best scientifically proven use is preventing others with probable exposure from getting the flu.
    Only people with children can probably understand. I’d rather die than have one of my babies mentally damaged for life because they took a medicine that hardly helped at all ( remember Reye’s syndrome ?)

  46. Emeka

    My cousin in Atlanta just took this medication a week ago for flu symptoms and has been hallucinating ever since. He has never acted this way before. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital seeking treatment. We are all heart broken; he was okay before taking the medication.

    • Shirley

      Emeka we are trying to bond together and stop.this pleaseeeee contact me on Facebook or at ShirleyThornburg@aol.com

    • Laurie pisarkiewicz

      I have been researching this drug and am wondering why it is still on the market. I was started on it this week after testing positive for influenza A. I noticed numbess and tingling of my upper extremities, face and head. It took 3 doses before realizing the symptoms started within half an hour of taking a dose. I have a medical background and knew enough to convince me it was crossing the blood brain barrier. This scares me. I immediately quit taking it.

    • Jennifer Evans

      Hello Laurie…..my 6 year old son was diagnosed in January with Flu A and in february with Flu B. Both times he was treated with tamiflu and I saw no side effects while on the drug. HOWEVER, I am now seeing MAJOR psychological changes. He’s very very angry, aggressive, physical (hitting), destroying things, says he wants to kill himself over and over and over again and attempted jumping off the top of his bed last night to kill himslef. (He has a high loft bed that practically reached our ceiling. He would have gotten seriously hurt. He now has walking pneumonia by the way. I’m trying to figure out if there are “after-effects” for taking the tamiflu, especially since he’s been on it twice in a very short amount of time.
      I’m heartbroken and freaking out. If there is any information you can provide to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
      Please reach out to me at the number below.
      With much hope,
      Jennifer Evans
      (914) 774-0352

    • Tammy

      I know this’s old post but I’m wondering if he got better. I took it a year ago and have had to be on 3 anxiety meds for a year. I’m wondering if the damage will heal.


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