Tamiflu is a prescription drug that is for treating people with the flu if their symptoms started within the last two days. It claims it can also reduce the chance of getting the flu. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting a flu shot but then recommends Tamiflu as the drug of choice for treatment. It is also the drug recommended by the CDC in the case of a flu pandemic. Governments worldwide have been stockpiling the drug just for this reason.

It may sound reasonable but it is not. Tamiflu causes delusions, hallucinations, suicide and psychosis. With potentially such serious adverse side effects, it should have an FDA warning but it does not.

The advertisement for Tamiflu says people with the flu, particularly adolescents and children, may be at risk for seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior when they first get sick. Unless one runs a high fever, it would be helpful to know the science that supports this statement. The ad further states that these events may occur when the flu goes untreated or right after starting Tamiflu. It is interesting and puzzling at the same time that they are telling consumers that not treating the flu and taking Tamiflu could result in the same mental health issues.

In any case, they go on to say that these events are uncommon but may lead to accidental injury and add the advice to contact a healthcare professional right away if any unusual behavior is noticed. Basically they are telling the consumer in the most subtle way that adverse side effects are possible while on their drug, but are hoping the consumer won’t read between the lines and figure out how serious that could be.

The ad doesn’t give you any clear information regarding side effects so that the consumer can make an informed decision. It doesn’t tell you that the Japanese health authorities started investigations of Tamiflu after eighteen junvenile fatalities linked to the drug occurred in seventeen months. A teenager jumped eleven stories to his death while he was on the drug. Two weeks earlier a fourteen year old girl jumped to her death from her apartment building in central Japan. A seventeen year old boy took Tamiflu before bed and got up, walked out of his house and stood in front of an oncoming truck while smiling.

Any parent would want to know this kind of information but it is not in their advertisement. The fact that Tamiflu is banned in Japan is not disclosed either. While many will argue how much of the adverse side effects are due to the flu or the drug, it is perfectly clear that one is more likely to have mental health issues like abnormal behavior or self-injury while on Tamiflu than those who are not on the drug. It is also clear that these side effects increase as the dosage increases and also as the length of time one takes the drug increases. As a result, here are mental health issues getting a multiplier effect resulting in making it much more likely for suicide and psychosis to occur.

Despite reports of patients experiencing delirium, psychosis and hallucinations, the FDA fails to implement any warning comparable to the Black Box Warning on antidepressants. They say it is not clear whether the side effects and deaths are caused by the drug, the flu virus or both. They seem to regard the fatal events in Japan as isolated incidents. They just caution patients to watch out for signs of abnormal behavior. They did not say use of the drug should be limited.

It appears the FDA isn’t making it a priority to sort out what this drug does. They have not considered that a child started hearing voices after one dose. A different child developed severe anxiety after taking Tamiflu. Aren’t behaviors such as these important enough to warrant an investigation?

Also in question is the effectiveness of Tamiflu. When considering taking a drug, one always needs to decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects or risks. In the case of Tamiflu, there is no science that it actually works. It can reduce symptoms by thirty-six hours but is completely ineffective after a few doses. Shockingly enough, it commonly causes the flu symptoms that it is attempting to treat, such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue and cough! Clearly just having the flu is more desirable than even more flu symptoms and potential suicide while delirious.

This is not the first time a drug has been marketed as safe and effective when it is not. Psychiatric drugs are marketed as such but don’t cure anything and only have horrific side effects such as suicide. They are supposedly treating a mental condition but on the flip side, Tamiflu is not treating a mental condition yet produces one as a side effect.

Cimetidine (brand name Tagamet), is another drug that produces such a condition. It is a drug used to treat gastritis. It caused hallucinations and bizarre behavior in a fourteen year old girl three days after taking the drug. She had no history of drug abuse or psychiatric disorders. Her physical examination and lab work showed no abnormalities. Within twenty-four hours of discontinuing Tagamet, her behavior returned to normal and the hallucinations ceased. Clearly there is a cause and an effect here directly related to the drug. Though any parent would want answers to this incident if this was their daughter, it would be not be enough for any authority to check into it.

The main point here is that you need to do your homework when it comes to drugs. The FDA, the CDC and the drug manufacturers are not the sources to go to for the full true story regarding the drug in question. Drugs have been FDA approved many times only to be recalled when found to cause diabetes, heart attacks and other life debilitating conditions or even death. Psychiatric drugs in particular should be banned entirely since suicide is a possible side effect, yet they are still on the market because they are big business and those in charge don’t want to lose their share of the profits.

In the end if you do your homework you will be informed and can make a sound decision. Sometimes drugs are necessary for a medical condition and other times they are not. There are plenty of alternative treatments available these days that work. Check it out and stay away from anything threatening to cause mental health issues. You and your family will be healthier for it.

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