Light a candle for Tyler–Help others get informed about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs

by | May 6, 2011

Light a candle for Tyler
Help others get educated about the harmful effects of psychiatric medication!

Many parents throughout the state and throughout the country are not fully informed about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs.

Their basic right to Informed Consent is therefore denied them.

There are many tragedies in the wake of psychotropic drugging.  Please visit and light a candle for one young boy whose life was stolen from him at the young age of 8 years old.

Tyler Anthony Kowalczyk June 22,2002 - December 26, 2010)


Early Christmas morning I awoke to find my son at the end of the bed, with a big smile on his face saying “Dad, time to open presents”. I look over with the one eye half open and notice its only 6:50am. However, its CHRISTMAS MORNING!!  I jumped out of bed, eager to show Tyler what I bought him from Christmas, and just as eager to see what Santa brought him. This was a day like any other, except Christmas magic was in the air, and everyone could feel the magic and warmth of this beautiful day. Tyler got to spend the rest of his day at his Grandparents, whom he loved more than life itself.  He also got to spend the day with his Mother, the love of his life. After a great Christmas Day, with more to come on the following Sunday. Tyler went to sleep, only he went to sleep for the last time. He was found around 1:30am, cold and not breathing. The wonderful paramedic and hospital staff at Wuesthoff did everything they could, unfortunately he was already in heaven before they even arrived. My son Tyler loved life to the fullest, the people who knew him never seen him NOT smile and NOT happy. Every day he spent doing things he loved, he was a “A” student and loved his cub scout pack 337. Loved taking hikes in the woods with his “JaJa” (Grandpa) and loved all animals. Tyler’s last day on this earth was the most beautiful day. When he went to sleep that night his head was full of the thoughts of the wonderful day he had and all the people who loved him. He was loved every day of his 8 years on this earth and will be missed every day he is gone.



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