This April, CCHR Reminds You to Not Only Eliminate Stress but to Also Avoid Dangerous Solutions

by | Apr 7, 2022

With 1 in 6 Americans taking a psychiatric drug and 1 in 10 of these being an antidepressant, drugging human behavior has become big business.

In honor of April being Stress Awareness Month, CCHR provides tips to combat stress while avoiding false solutions that could actually be harmful.

April is Stress Awareness Month. In challenging times, everyone has experienced stress to some degree. It’s just the way life is rigged, but how individuals view these moments and deal with them can determine whether the stress is temporary or a springboard to a much more debilitating or even deadly outcome.

When surveyed in a Harvard study, 1 in 5 college students reported thoughts of suicide due to the stress from the increasing pressure of maintaining perfect grades and keeping up with peers. Adults under high stress jobs when surveyed experienced similar alarming numbers. [1]

Stress can come on quickly or slowly. It can be triggered by a new boss whose demands are unrealistic, a rebellious teenager testing their parent’s limits, the loss of loved one, sudden physical difficulties, all these things and more can pile on the stress and make it seem like there’s no way out. But, CCHR wants the public to know whatever the reason, there are practical solutions that will see someone through rough times.

In an article on stress penned by the Mayo Clinic, they suggest numerous things to avoid stress: getting exercise, eating healthy, laughter, connecting with others, getting enough sleep or doing something creative, plus many other suggestions to mitigate the stress. [2]

While these can be effective and healthy solutions to the problem, CCHR warns against a prescription for psychiatric drugs, something that can seem like a quick fix. Not only are these drugs often responsible for increased mania and violence, but their long-term effects (including difficulty withdrawing from them) have produced patients whose lives have been held hostage by these chemical jailers. Labels for these prescriptions themselves warn of risk of suicide right on the bottle or in dosage instructions. [3,4]

Activist, Adele Framer is one such person. For 11 years she suffered from protracted withdrawal symptoms caused by psychiatric drugs.
In her article, published in SAGE Journals, Framer states, “What I have learnt is any patient is at risk for psychotropic withdrawal symptoms and the severity of injury from unrecognized adverse drug effects and withdrawal symptoms can be major.” From her own experiences and research Framer started the website She has counseled over 10,000 people in their efforts to get off psychiatric drugs. [5]

To learn what not to do when stress becomes a looming factor in life, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, invites the public to visit their center at 109 N Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater for more information on resources.


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  1. steve Kaylor

    Negative situations can cause stress – so some people allow themselves to become besieged and slink around as down-and-outers. So they go for help, get inveigled a disease like label, then psy drugs or ECT. Instead of accepting such diabolical tinkering, people need to keep training themselves aesthetically and socially – so they can transform every moment! / After years of treatments, psychiatrists induce jerky & uncontrolled movements in some of the people they were contracted to help -Tardive Dyslexia. Then they have the gall to prescribe yet another drug to alleviate their iatrogenic negligence. This, like everything Freudians are allowed to pull off: is crass indifference, really 2nd Degree Assault. Such treatments must be terminated, for the good of individuals and social culture!


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