The Mental Disorder Test Hoax

by | Nov 26, 2012

Finding an actual mental disorder test is a lesson in futility. Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic website offers only this information:
“To determine a diagnosis and check for any related complications, you may have these exams and tests:

  • Physical exam.Your doctor will try to rule out physical problems that could cause your symptoms.
  • Lab tests. These may include a check of your thyroid function or a screening for alcohol and drugs, for example.”

Neither of these recommended tests have anything to do with diagnosing a mental disorder; in fact, the mental disorder test is an unqualified fraud.
The physical exam mentioned merely rules out any physical problems leading to a mental manifestation, such as an underactive thyroid that can cause depression, or a brain tumor resulting in personality changes and increased irritability.
The lab tests screen thyroid function or for addiction to drugs or alcohol (not a mental disorder, but a personality change caused by the drugs)
The psychiatric industry continually refers to “chemical imbalances” in the brain which are miraculously corrected by their miracle drugs.
But as early as 2006 the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine  released statements (after being given Freedom of Information Act requests) admitting there was  no existing data or documents proving such an imbalance existed.
Dr. Fred A. Baughman, Jr MD, is a neurologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. Dr. Baughman has testified before Congress, The European Union and the Australian Parliament that any and all psychiatric diagnoses are fraudulent.
In Dr. Baughman’s own words: “ADHD is not a disorder, disease, syndrome or chemical imbalance of the brain.  It is not over-diagnosed, under-diagnosed, or mis-diagnosed.  It doesn’t exist.  It is a total, 100%, Fraud.”
He also states: “ADHD and all of psychiatry’s “chemical imbalances” are manufactured diseases- invented diseases that results in huge profits for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies.”
The following story illustrates the tragic result that can follow such a fraudulent mental disorder test diagnosis:
In the spring of 2000, Matthew Smith (age 14 years) collapsed while skateboarding with his cousins. The medics could not revive him, and at the hospital he was pronounced dead from a heart attack caused by Ritalin.
This young man had been taking Ritalin since age six, when a medically unqualified social worker told his parents that Matthew had “ants in his pants” and was so fidgety in class that he often caused a disruption.
Because of a fraudulent mental disorder test, this normal, boisterous and highly social child was considered to be have the non-existent (according to Dr. Baughman ) mental disorder called ADHD.
He was, of course placed on the drug that would ultimately destroy his growing heart, resulting in a heart attack at the tender age of fourteen.
The pain of Matthew’s parents, who were unwittingly led to believe their son had ADHD, must be unbearable.
Who profits from the unimaginable anguish of people who have lost someone dear to them due to psychiatric pharmaceuticals?
The big pharmaceutical company executives whose profits increase immeasurably each year, and their drug pushers, the psychiatric industry whose insistent voice proclaims most of us have some kind of mental disorder that their magical (if deadly) drugs can fix.
The destruction of young minds and bodies by a heartless industry can only be stopped when we the people turn a deaf ear to their fraudulent claims of a mental disorder test.


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