Synthetic Drugs Destroying Lives

by | Oct 15, 2013

synthetic potSynthetic drugs, sold under the euphemistic term “bath salts” and “incense” have caused an endless array of psychotic behavior.
According to psychiatrist Daniel Bober, these substances are stimulants. Users have experienced psychosis, paranoia and agitation. Those under the influence of synthetic drugs can act like wild beasts, with absolutely no rational control over their behavior.
Not surprisingly, psychiatrists have been treating victims (who are essentially poisoned by the synthetic drugs) as if they were insane.
The problem has reached our military, where a psychiatric resident at Naval Medical Center in San Diego has seen synthetic drug use increase. He described patients who experienced depression, anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations while under the effect of these drugs. Users even see “ghosts” and hear disembodied voices.
According to Dr. Hurst, users of the drugs “are risking inducing psychosis, a mood disorder.” He also described the victims as having “flat facial expressions, a hallmark of psychosis.”
But instead of promoting serious study into the physical effects these drugs have on the human body (with their resultant mental side effects) Hurst offhandedly recommends treatment with antipsychotic drugs.
These are just a few of the devastating side effects one might expect from antipsychotic drug treatment:

  • Tardive dyskinesia (abnormal, uncontrolled movements that can cause permanent disability)
  • Diabetes
  • Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, which is a potentially fatal disorder mimicing viral encephalitis
  • Severe obesity
  • Heart problems

The fact these young people have been poisoned by the synthetic drugs is overlooked by the psychiatric profession.
There is an admitted lack of understanding. There has been little scientific research on the effects of these synthetic drugs, and it is unknown how long the chemicals stay in the body or how they damage cells.
Prescribing additional powerful and mind-altering drugs for an already overwhelmed patient is horrifying, but not surprising given the history of psychiatric treatment.
The following story is a heart breaker.
Kyle Smith was a happy teenage athlete, excelling at lacross and described by his family as a “ham”.
But by 2010 his mother and father were puzzled by the fading of his once burning desire to excel at the sport. Their worries culminated one April day in 2010 when Kyle loaded a shotgun with the intention of committing suicide. Why? He could no longer bear the induced psychosis caused by his ingestion of synthetic marijuana.
That time he put the gun down and went to his father for help, but the drug had already done permanent damage.
Since that episode in 2010 he has tried to kill himself four times. His mental anguish has only been increased by psychiatrists, who have submitted him to 14 electric shock treatments and constant heavy sedation.
The only way to avoid becoming a psychiatric victim debilitated by a synthetically induced psychosis is to avoid all synthetic drugs in the first place. Support legislation to outlaw their sale in gas stations and convenience stores, where young people like Kyle can gain easy access.
Our children and grandchildren must be kept safe from synthetic drugs and the resulting psychiatric “treatment” of electric shock and antipsychotic drugging.


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