Sandy Hook Shooting Demands Thorough Investigation

by | Apr 11, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been about sixteen months since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.  Following the unnecessary deaths of twenty children, aged six and seven years old, plus six adults, one would think that something would have been done by now to prevent another similar incident.  There’s been plenty of talk but no major changes.  
Some people say stricter gun laws are needed.  That may be true, but if a person really wants to hurt a lot of people, he will find an alternative weapon.  The question is what made Adam Lanza want to walk into the school and shoot?  This is what demands a thorough investigation of the Sandy Hook shooting.
It has been published that Adam Lanza suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome.  A friend of his mothers’ said Adam was being medicated for this condition. Other than that, his current medical and psychiatric information is not being made public on purpose.   People have the right to know all about Adam Lanza, so they can understand why twenty children and six adults died that day.
Instead, Connecticut legislators are looking to provide more mental health services based on the idea that the state’s children are at risk for another tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting because there aren’t enough services available for other ‘Adam Lanzas’ that might be out there.  This logic is utterly ridiculous if you look at Adam Lanza’s history using mental health services. 
Over the course of ten years, this young man saw multiple psychiatrists, participated in many mental health programs at school and was treated by several hospital psychiatric departments.  He has a long history under the care of the field of mental health and obviously they failed miserably in helping this boy.  This is not the usual issue of we didn’t get to him in time or he didn’t get the help he needed.  He got ten years of “help” and he still killed twenty-six people, twenty of them seven years old or younger!
This begs the question, why would legislators want more mental health services to supposedly help Connecticut children, when the ones they already have obviously don’t work and did nothing to prevent this horrific tragedy?  What needs to be investigated are those mental health services that Adam did receive and how they contributed to the Sandy Hook shooting.
These days mental health treatment means psychotropic drugs.  These drugs have potential serious adverse side effects such as mania, psychosis and homicidal ideation.  There is plenty of documentation linking psychiatric drugs to violence.  In thirty-one school shootings and/or school related acts of violence, almost all were committed by those on psychiatric drugs or withdrawing from them.  Collectively, the result was seventy-two deaths and one hundred sixty-two wounded.  Do we need to have hundreds more killed or wounded before anyone is willing to conduct an investigation? 
Dr. David Healy, an internationally known psychiatrist and expert on psychopharmacology, stated that pretty much any psychotropic drug can trigger violence up to and including homicide.  Conversely, there are those in the field of mental health that defend the drugs as the correct treatment and claim that the cause is the “mental illness.”  They say that there are many more that need treatment to prevent these tragedies.  Dr. Healy’s response to this was that if this is the case, then we should not find that ninety percent of school shootings are associated with psychotropic drugs.
Dr. Peter Breggin, another prominent psychiatrist, has testified to Congress that antidepressants can cause suicide, violent mania and other abnormal behaviors that endanger others.  He even warned Congress about giving these kinds of drugs to those in the military, so it’s no surprise that there was another shooting at Fort Hood recently.
If this isn’t convincing enough, a review of the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System was done and it was found that psychiatric drugs can trigger violent actions towards others.  Over a five year period, thirty-one drugs out of four hundred eighty-four were found to have a “disproportionate” association with violence.  Twenty out of the thirty-one drugs were psychiatric and accounted for 1527 out of 1937 acts of violence!  This is an alarming and staggering statistic and this alone warrants an investigation.   
The point is that the writing is on the wall regarding the connection between psychiatric drugs and violence.   However, there is no investigation on the horizon.  Why?  This information is not published by mainstream media because the drug companies heavily influence them, so the information is ignored.  If the drug is eventually mentioned, you can be sure it will be put forth that the person’s “mental illness” became more severe or some other convenient excuse.
In the case of the Sandy Hook shooting, mum is the word.  It is common when a shooting is done by a minor, court documents are sealed and which drugs were involved are not made known, but Adam Lanza was twenty years old at the time.  High profile cases do disclose mental health information and Sandy Hook is probably the highest profile case ever due to the ages of the children killed.  However, nothing is being made public.  At the moment, the state will not release his toxicology report.  In the recent Fort Hood shooting, it was published promptly that Ivan Lopez was taking Ambien.  Why has Lanza’s toxicology report been under lock and key for so long? 
As mentioned earlier, drug companies have a lot of influence and that is why there is no available report.  They don’t want the report made public because they don’t want it known that another shooter was on a psychotropic drug and they certainly don’t want it known which one. 
Given the ages of the children that died in this shooting, imagine the reaction of the parents of these innocent victims if it was made public that Adam Lanza was on a psychotropic drug linked to violence.  Imagine the public outcry.  Imagine the lawsuits against the guilty drug company and the plummeting stock values and the disappearance of profits.  That’s the reason there is no information and no investigation. 
Yes, it all boils down to money.  Drug companies are well aware of their drugs’ potential side effects, yet their profits are more important to them than the lives of innocent children.  This is grossly criminal but it does make sense.  It does not make sense that there are so many “mentally ill” young men that just happened to get worse and chose shootings or violence to demonstrate their “unstableness.”  That’s a cover-up, so don’t buy it.
The people of Connecticut deserve to know the true facts as to why the Sandy Hook shooting took place.  It’s not “mental illness” and it’s not just guns.  After all, a sixteen year old in Pennsylvania just went on a stabbing spree at his high school and hurt twenty-one people.  Psychiatric drugs can make one think that one should commit violence without remorse. Doesn’t that make you wonder if he was on a psychiatric drug?



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