Sandy Hook Shooter’s Psychiatrist Arrested

by | Jun 14, 2016

Photo: Contributed / Brookfield Police Department

Photo: Contributed / Brookfield Police Department

On December 14th 2012 Adam Lanza attacked students and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut with an AR-15 rifle leaving 20 children and 6 adults dead.
There have been two recent news stories related to the Adam Lanza case.
One concerns the unethical behavior of Lanza’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fox.
The second story describes a court’s attempt to determine who is responsible for this tragedy.
Did Lanza’s Former Psychiatrist Hide Evidence?
On December 17, 2012 Connecticut police reached Dr. Fox to interview him about the Adam Lanza case. The psychiatrist had moved to New Zealand after things had gotten a bit hot for him in the Northeast.
Just six months earlier, the 59 year old psychiatrist had been accused of sexual assault of a female patient while practicing as a psychiatrist in Brookfield, Connecticut. The patient in question was 19 years old, and state records show that Fox prescribed her “three to four” psychiatric drugs and also gave her free samples. The girl’s mother stated her daughter “was turning into a zombie.”
Following this accusation, Dr. Fox voluntarily gave up his license to practice in New York and Connecticut and began working as a psychiatrist in New Zealand, almost 9,000 miles away from his former office.
During the phone call with the Connecticut police, Fox stated that the only records he had brought to New Zealand were billing records and that all of his medical records pertaining to clients he treated in the United States were “currently in storage in the United States.”
Twenty-four hours after that phone call, Dr. Fox contacted the Connecticut police, telling them that any medical records pertaining to Adam Lanza had been destroyed. Based on the investigative records, Fox last saw Lanza in 2007, which means Dr. Fox destroyed Lanza’s psychiatric records two years earlier than the law allows.
When Fox told law enforcement officials that he had retained his patient billing records, investigators failed to follow this important lead, since billing records offer a great deal of information about a patient’s treatment.
In New Zealand, Dr. Fox worked for the Waikato District Health Board (DHB).
A statement from the DHB said Dr. Fox was employed for 19 months before returning to the US.
During his time in New Zealand, he treated Nicky Stevens, the son of local politician Dave Macpherson. Nicky died while under psychiatric care.
Dr. Fox was de-registered by the New Zealand Medical Council in February 2014.
When Dr. Fox moved back to Maine he discovered his sexual abuse of patients in Connecticut had not been forgotten by the authorities. He was arrested at his home in Peaks Island, Maine on April 20th, 2016 by detectives and Homeland Security Agents and charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault.
What is Known About Adam Lanza’s Psychiatric Treatment?
Dr. Fox had prescribed the antidepressant Lexapro for Adam. Both Adam and his mother Nancy were reluctant to use the medication. Kathleen Koenig, a nurse specialist in psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center convinced them to try it.
Lanza’s mom described her son’s reaction to the drug:
“On the third morning he complained of dizziness. By that afternoon he was disoriented, his speech was disjointed, he couldn’t even figure out how to open his cereal box. He was sweating profusely . . . it was actually dripping off his hands. He said he couldn’t think. . . . He was practically vegetative. He did nothing but sit in his dark room staring at nothing.”
There is also a report of a second psychiatric drug prescribed to Lanza and a second adverse reaction.
Nurse Koenig told police in an interview that Adam was given Celexa, another SSRI antidepressant drug.
Immediately after prescribing a small dose of Celexa to Adam Lanza, Koenig received a phone call from Nancy Lanza who reported her son was “unable to raise his arm.”
However, the nurse didn’t feel that Nancy Lanza’s reports of her son’s reactions to the drug were real and felt Adam “had a biological disorder and needed medication.”
One serious side effect of the Celexa is “muscle rigidity.” Adam had complained that he could not lift his arm.
A side effect of Lexapro is “sweating increased.” Nancy Lanza had told Koenig that Adam had this exact reaction.
The concerned mom was labeled “non-compliant.”
It’s unclear the time sequence of when these drugs were given and Dr. Fox has done his best to hide the exact treatment he gave to Adam.
Given Dr. Fox’s unethical practices in hiding his sexual involvement with his female patient and his questionable work in New Zealand, it’s not unreasonable to suspect Dr. Fox might be hiding other matters. Some of his CVS Pharmacy records were also part of the investigation as they relate to the distribution of controlled substances. Questionable billing practices and improper retention of patient records were also examined. Perhaps something regarding Adam’s exact prescriptions and treatments is yet to be revealed.
Celexa comes with warnings that it can cause suicidal behavior, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, aggression, hostility (predominantly aggression, oppositional behavior and anger) and/or related behavior.
Lexapro comes with warnings that it can increase suicidal thoughts or actions, hostility or aggressive behavior.
Changing dosages or suddenly stopping the medication can also create these behaviors.
AbleChild, a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission includes raising public awareness regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children has been following the Adam Lanza case closely.
The group has filed a Freedom of Information Act in Connecticut asking to see the full mental health, toxicology and autopsy records of Adam Lanza.
AbleChild hopes these questions will be answered:

  • Now that Fox has returned to the states, and clearly is under the watchful eye of law enforcement, will Sandy Hook investigators request Fox’s billing records for psychiatric “treatment” of Adam Lanza?
  • Did Adam Lanza, while under the psychiatric care of Dr. Fox or while a patient at Yale Child Study Center, participate in a clinical trial? (In other words, was Lanza receiving experimental treatments?)
  • Could Nancy Lanza’s notes, now being withheld by the state, provide additional information about the treatment Adam Lanza received while under Fox’s care that might expose further violations of FDA clinical trial record retention laws?

Who Is The Real Culprit?

On April 14, 2016 Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that a lawsuit can proceed against Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle used by Adam Lanza in his attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The lawsuit was filed back in 2014 by the families of nine of the people who were killed.
Bushmaster argued it is protected by a 2005 federal law blocking lawsuits against gun makers when their products were used in the commission of crimes, but the judge declined to dismiss the lawsuit.
It’s interesting to note that the 114 page report “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” written by the Office of the Child Advocate for the State of Connecticut sums up the responsibility for the shooting by saying, “Finally, none of the findings in this report should be interpreted as exculpating (freeing from blame) or reducing Adam Lanza’s accountability for his actions…In the end only he, and he alone, bears responsibility for this monstrous act.”
Adam Lanza killed himself after committing the murders.
Putting all the blame on Lanza lets the true criminal off the hook. The psychiatrist who prescribed this troubled young man pharmaceuticals with known violent side effects is the real culprit in this tragedy.
http://wwHYPERLINK “”wHYPERLINK “” “”king-news/hc-bookfield-adam-lanza-psychiatrist-arrested-0423-20160422-story.html “″anza-ex-psychiatrist-charged-sexual-assault-article-1.2611499 “”st-who-treated-adam-lanza-may-lead-to-answers-in-murder-investigation/ “”t-adam-lanzas-mental-health-treatment-reveals-multiple-drugs/ “”sandyhook11212014.pdf


  1. Don Larson

    Observe film of grieving parents that have lost a child. Compare that with the interviews with the parents involved here. It is hard not to notice the stark difference.

  2. Bryan

    Anne, Cindy, One of the first things they teach at Pharmacology school is “The Dose Makes the Poison.” For years, one effective cold medicine was Contact, which was derived from Belladonna aka “Deadly Nightshade.” But the dose was minuscule, so it’s natural action as a vasoconstrictor could be used to slow down mucus production. Water has an LD50 (Median Lethal Dose) of 6 liters for an adult. Colonoscopy prep drinks were almost all made of Polyethelene glycol (PEG) – one of the brands is Miralax. I doubt it is that toxic at the dose given or we would have the 50 and up crowd dropping like flies or flipping out in psychotropic events. Something worth investigating? (I’ve had it more times than I care to disclose…)

    • Anne

      Bryan you are absolutely correct. The FDA has never approved the use of Miralax for children. In 2009 the FDA held sn oversight board discussing reported adverse reports. The FDA neglected to disseminate the information. In 2011 the FDA WARNED of POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS. If you are in the .01% that has a reaction including homicidal & suicidal ideation, news flash you are affeted 100%. Check out Facebook group PARENTS AGAINST MIarALAX with 50,000 members. I guarantee you they aren’t on there for fun!

  3. Cindy

    Anne, Antifreeze is Propylene glycol and is toxic. Miralax is Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and is NOT toxic.
    While the names sound similar to people who do not know their chemistry, let me assure you that these are completely different chemicals.
    Miralax is NOT dangerous!! In fact, Miralax is unable to be absorbed by the body, it stays in the GI tract and so it is unable to have any sort of systemic effect on the body what so ever. Anyone who has concerns about the difference between Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol can ask ANY pharmacist for confirmation of the information I’ve shared in this post.

    • Anne

      Check your facts. The TRUTH will one day be confirmed. In 2009 the FDA held an Oversight Board to discuss dangers, but decided not to do anything. In 2011 the FDA warned the adult population, the only group approved to receive Miralax of POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS.

  4. Carl Marks

    Able child is forever chasing a phantom. At least they are committed to finding some sort of justice for the rampant corruption in Newtown.
    Will our constitutional republic be saved? Is it beyond reclamation?
    We are all in a world war now. A war for our very way of life. A war for our hearts and minds.
    Never, ever, ever give up your voices.
    And never, ever, ever give up your guns.

  5. Disgusted

    Another criminal with involvement in the big Sandy Hook Hoax. I’m sure he had a previous record that was wiped clean for his participation in this government sponsored drill, but like we have all been told sex offenders can never be rehabilitated but the gov’t will use them & then send them back out there to prey on more victims.

  6. Jonas Thomas

    P.S. – Thank you AbleChild for doing the media’s job for them. The public is indebted to you, yet they can’t thank you because they heads are so deeply buried in the sand (and other unmentionable places).

  7. Jonas Thomas

    Just business as usual. We have doctors that are supposed to treat us and promote health, yet they bow to the real government; cash. In addition to the obvious, serious side effects resulting from their use, we have a media that no longer does their job. Ct. State Police Report and FBI Report are rife with extremely disturbing anomalies; 1) DNA evidence essentially excludes Nancy and Adam from the weapons showing instead “Unknown DNA”; 2) pictures of bullet holes coming “out of” Lauren Rousseau’s car; 3) FBI report says Lanza was KILLED BY POLICE; 4) Witness accounts giving 3 different descriptions of shooter; 5) Purple vans with nuns and masked man driving away from the school “with its back window shot out”; 6) shooter in room 8 screaming and yelling obscenities, etc., yet shooter in room 10 never uttered a sound; 7) front door glass shot from outside yet almost all of the glass fragments are seen on the ground outside; 8) Ct Report states Lanza shot himself “in the very middle of the back of his head (use your finger to try it…impossible); 9) photos of the police cars and mobile crime lab not at the Lanza’s but next door at the Trentacosta’s…it goes on and on, yet not one reporter looked into any of this. That, in and of itself, tells you this is being covered up. 20 little children died and they deserve to have the truth exposed…or are we already a lost cause????

  8. jockwilliamdoubleday

    Still waiting for those death certificates (which should be public record but don’t exist so can’t be). Zzzzzzz.

  9. Forrest Luhcs

    Forrest Luhcs: Carla asks, “Why would someone want to do something like that (meaning, destroy lives from an educated position of authority)?” I tell her, “Those of us who are sane with loving and caring minds like to believe that other people are like us. It really is difficult to wrap one’s wits around the destructive thinking process of an insane guy like this.” It is up to those among us who might but only barely have a clue to brazenly shine a spotlight into the thinking of those who find it hard to believe that the agents, doctors, and nurses who would say, “You must take your meds or we will take your children!” have our best interest in mind. These people have only self serving intent at heart!!!! I lived in 118 different houses by the time I was 19 years old. Part of the reason why is because my mother could find no advocate in official places when some teacher or administrator decided that I or one of my brothers needed medical disciplining. I got my ass whooped a plenty by way of corporal punishment… but she was wise enough to draw the line at psych drugs. Thank you Mom.
    Incidentally, this belief in the system currently presented to us is being upheld by judges on the bench who are still going after the wrong targets. These judges are believing in their decisions. The judges who tolerate this wrong targeted thinking are mis-educated by a system paid for during the past couple hundred years by the very same perpetrators that the judges are supposed to be defending us from. And it is hard for the judges to believe that these psychotic opinion leaders do not think with the kind of inspired love that the rest of us try to think with. Break out the spotlight!

  10. Anne

    MIRALAX is not discussed, yet we know Adam Lanza was on Miralax at some point. This genetic name for Miralax is polyethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is anti-freeze. In 2009 the FDA held an oversight board regarding concerning side effects reported from children taking this drug. In 2011 the FDA warned against
    POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS. I know of one homicide report by a 14 year old filed with the FDA. The boy was on day 6 of Miralax.
    He was Baker Acted two years prior while on Miralax. He has been given a clean bill of health. He suffered a “substance induced toxic psychosis” both times he was given Miralax.
    The public deserves to know this.
    Facebook site has over 2400 members on site, “PARENTS AGAINST MIRALAX”.


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