SalusCare Inc. is just another mental health care arm stretching tentacles into an unsuspecting community, fishing for consumers.

With a purpose couched in “help,” prospective clients are reeled in, fed psychiatric propaganda, diagnosed with one or several junk-science mental disorders, and given anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, Ritalin, or whatever else the “doctor may order.”

SalusCare is now holding workshops to “educate” friends, family, teachers and police in indentifying those with mental disorders. Some may find this chillingly reminiscent of citizens spying on fellow citizens in Nazi Germany

Certified Mental Health First Aid instructor Laura Youngfleisch states, “Just as CPR training helps a layperson with no clinical training, Mental Health First Aid training helps a layperson assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis, such as contemplating suicide. The goal is to help support an individual until appropriate professional help arrives.” Ms. Youngfleish is the clinical manager of children’s outreach mental health services at SalusCare, Inc.

One wonders if this is mere foolishness on her part, or if she really believes this Orwellian propaganda. Already the infamous “Baker Act,” is a dangerous tool of the mental health industry, allowing involuntary commitment and treatment of anyone who “appears to have a mental illness” in the state of Florida.

When “mental illness” is defined by an organization that benefits financially by increasing the ranks of those so labeled, skepticism becomes a very healthy thing.

Dr. Fred Baughman, Jr., M.D., Child Neurologist, emphatically states that ADHD is a bogus disease.

Dr. Baughman is concerned that the Americans on government disability from mental illness has skyrocketed to 4 million people. Since this is an “iatrogenic” (psychiatrically caused) epidemic, it will only continue to grow as psychiatry continues to poison the populace with drugs.

The doctor also states that psychiatry is not a part of the legitimate medical community, and it is completely inseparable from the pharmaceutical industry. In no uncertain terms, Dr. Baughman advises it should be “banished from the house of medicine.”

“Until it is banished, medicine and all medical school faculties remain co-conspirators in psychiatric/psychotropic poisoning for wholly illusory, invented diseases—for profit!” Dr. Baughman does not mince words.

Another physician, Dr. Peter Breggin, known as the “consciousness of Psychiatry,” has been an advocate since the 1970s for ending psychiatry’s violent treatment of mental illness through psycho-surgery, ECT and drugs. And yes, Dr. Breggin is a psychiatrist himself, and knows the profession from the inside.

Dr. Breggin states, “The pharmaceutical industry and the psychopharmaceutical complex have used their combined authority, power and wealth to overturn the moral climate of America itself for the sake of power and profits. They have imposed upon Western society a faith in fake biological explanations, concocted diagnoses, and toxic drugs that do infinitely more harm than good. Even more millions of lives are being damaged and destroyed by years of exposure to shock treatment and drugs. In the process, they have compromised and corrupted the most fundamental human ideals of personal responsibility, personal growth, and principled living.”

When a psychiatrist is also a whistle blower, it is a good idea to pay attention. Dr. Breggin indeed has a conscience, which is more than one can say for most men and women in this profession, including those working for dubious organizations such as SalusCare.