SalusCare, Inc. – Mental Treatment or Mental Harm?

by | Mar 12, 2015

SalusCare Inc. is just another mental health care arm stretching tentacles into an unsuspecting community, fishing for consumers.
With a purpose couched in “help,” prospective clients are reeled in, fed psychiatric propaganda, diagnosed with one or several junk-science mental disorders, and given anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, Ritalin, or whatever else the “doctor may order.”
SalusCare is now holding workshops to “educate” friends, family, teachers and police in indentifying those with mental disorders. Some may find this chillingly reminiscent of citizens spying on fellow citizens in Nazi Germany
Certified Mental Health First Aid instructor Laura Youngfleisch states, “Just as CPR training helps a layperson with no clinical training, Mental Health First Aid training helps a layperson assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis, such as contemplating suicide. The goal is to help support an individual until appropriate professional help arrives.” Ms. Youngfleish is the clinical manager of children’s outreach mental health services at SalusCare, Inc.
One wonders if this is mere foolishness on her part, or if she really believes this Orwellian propaganda. Already the infamous “Baker Act,” is a dangerous tool of the mental health industry, allowing involuntary commitment and treatment of anyone who “appears to have a mental illness” in the state of Florida.
When “mental illness” is defined by an organization that benefits financially by increasing the ranks of those so labeled, skepticism becomes a very healthy thing.
Dr. Fred Baughman, Jr., M.D., Child Neurologist, emphatically states that ADHD is a bogus disease.
Dr. Baughman is concerned that the Americans on government disability from mental illness has skyrocketed to 4 million people. Since this is an “iatrogenic” (psychiatrically caused) epidemic, it will only continue to grow as psychiatry continues to poison the populace with drugs.
The doctor also states that psychiatry is not a part of the legitimate medical community, and it is completely inseparable from the pharmaceutical industry. In no uncertain terms, Dr. Baughman advises it should be “banished from the house of medicine.”
“Until it is banished, medicine and all medical school faculties remain co-conspirators in psychiatric/psychotropic poisoning for wholly illusory, invented diseases—for profit!” Dr. Baughman does not mince words.
Another physician, Dr. Peter Breggin, known as the “consciousness of Psychiatry,” has been an advocate since the 1970s for ending psychiatry’s violent treatment of mental illness through psycho-surgery, ECT and drugs. And yes, Dr. Breggin is a psychiatrist himself, and knows the profession from the inside.
Dr. Breggin states, “The pharmaceutical industry and the psychopharmaceutical complex have used their combined authority, power and wealth to overturn the moral climate of America itself for the sake of power and profits. They have imposed upon Western society a faith in fake biological explanations, concocted diagnoses, and toxic drugs that do infinitely more harm than good. Even more millions of lives are being damaged and destroyed by years of exposure to shock treatment and drugs. In the process, they have compromised and corrupted the most fundamental human ideals of personal responsibility, personal growth, and principled living.”
When a psychiatrist is also a whistle blower, it is a good idea to pay attention. Dr. Breggin indeed has a conscience, which is more than one can say for most men and women in this profession, including those working for dubious organizations such as SalusCare.


  1. Mandy

    The problem with this method is 211 and being held. Against you will is the. Courts displays this over the public records stays there for life you been held on mental

    • Mandy

      Sorry I will try this again my auto check went wild. The problem with being held against your will. It ends up in public record’s..

  2. Anonymous

    The psychologist asked my son over and over to give her just one example of why he believes I need to be admitted to hospital for mental observation, he could not, so she unfortunately referred me to psychiatry.
    My psychiatrist could find nothing wrong with me, when I voluntarily admitted myself for 72 hours observation. I did this to quell my ex-husbands (and his wife) need to have me committed for things I never did. He has turned everybody against me who I tried to go to for help against his flying monkeys, even family and authorities. Soon he got those people to turn against me also with slander and gas-lighting.
    I passed every test with flying colours. There is this no physical or psychiatric evidence that I am “borderline schizophrenic” – Clear brain scan, clear blood and urine tests, all sister reports say nothing wrong with me and signed by all the hospital sisters over a two week period.
    My ex husband and his wife got my son to lie to the psychiatrist, who based her entire diagnosis (according to her own admission and also according to her own colleague’s admission) on what my son told her, none of which made sense or was logical – For instance I have many friends, but because my son doesn’t know them or met them, he claims I have none – Another example: My son told the psychiatrist that because I travelled overseas and my attempt to immigrate failed, that I have a mental disorder – Apparently if you divorce twice you have a mental disorder also. And so on ….
    My psychiatrist refused to allow me to respond, and had me admitted for 72 hours, prescribing pills for me on the spot. When I said I don’t want to be admitted anymore because you are not hearing me out, she held me there against my will. I decided to go through with the 72 hours, but right before the time to be discharged the psychiatrist doubled my medication and told me she is keeping me longer for more observation and when I asked how much longer she said that she cannot say.
    There was sweet nothing to do there, no TV, no internet, no books, nothing. Nobody awake enough to speak to, or nobody who spoke my language to speak to, I got no visitors, other than my second ex husband who brought me a few things. Everything, clothes, etc were taken away from me. Not even allowed out of the ward to the tuck shop downstairs or to sit in the sun.
    I borrowed clothes and ran away from the hospital to my uncle, but my ex told him that it is against the law to keep me there so he returned me out of fear, even though he did go to the hospital to try to fight my case, but in the end he and his wife believed the psychiatrist and my ex, his wife and my son, over what I was saying to him.
    On return to the hospital, I got locked up in a cell, It was a nightmare I don’t wish on my worst enemy. I won’t go into details, but I saw and experienced things there which I know are just another form of abuse. I had to use my wits to persuade the security guard to let me shower or use the toilet, for one example. I got completely ignored in the cell, as if I was some kind of violent dangerous animal to be avoided, yet I was quiet and well behaved, just like before I ran away from the hospital. Four people died while I was there. The one was not even given water or shown TLC before she died of rape. I was the one who comforted the patients there, brought them tea, warmed up their food, mopped the floors before I ran away and returned to be locked up. I had no visitors for the next week.
    Finally I charmed and begged my psychiatrist into discharging me, because I saw she had a big ego.
    Unfortunately now, my son follows me around trying to start an argument or fight, even if I move away, and every time I disagree with my son, he threatens to have me admitted in the hospital again. I live in constant fear, because I know that any negative speak about me is enough reason for the psychiatrist to have me admitted again. I keep to myself as much as possible, to avoid this. For a very social person this is difficult, but I must do it for my own sake.
    Once a month I must spend three hours in the hospital waiting for medication which I don’t need. You see I passed all my tests, but the Psychiatrist is refusing to give me any results. So I cannot prove she is wrong and I am perfectly sane. My ex husband, his wife and my son have already told everyone I have a mental disorder. I therefore cannot get work or find love again.
    I also cannot prove I am normal, because the psychiatrist is refusing to give me my results. I also cannot get her colleague to give me my results. Her colleague told me in front of a witness, that her diagnosis is based solely on what my son told her – (through his father and stepmother’s coaching.)
    I have tried to get help from social workers, police, family, friends, you name it and nobody wants to give me the time of day because they simply do not believe my story. They believe my abusers over me. The ex and his wife lied to police and to the shelter where I tried to go to. Even the shelter doesn’t want me.
    I recently returned from overseas where I was for two years, and I have nowhere to go, because these narc abusers keep jeopardising all my efforts to stand on my own two feet again and build a new life back in my country again.
    Now here is the real surprise:
    I never took any medication – I only pretended to, to this day. Not even when I was under hospital observation. Why not? Because I wanted all tests (which I passed) and the daily observations of me, to be completely unbiased – In other words, I wanted the results to be based on my behavior when fully compis mentis, NOT when all drugged up. I did test the pills, I had one or two (it was several different kinds), just to see what it does to me, and it knocked me out cold. So in other words they were planning to observe me while I was sleeping daily and nightly 24/7 like the others?
    Oh, no, I am not that stupid.
    But I am also not clever enough to get this toxic three out of my life, to stop trying to interfere with me. I am also not clever enough to figure out how to get the results from the hospital. I asked, that didn’t work. If I have the results I can prove I am sane.
    I am trying to find work, but in the meanwhile I have failed to find a pro bono psychologist to test me. When you have no money nobody is there for you in my country. Everybody merely refers you to the next one and the next one and the next one, until you just give up. I plan to get the results and use them to get help in the future. I have one leg and I was assaulted by these three before for no reason, simply because they have too much hate in them. With this paper in my hands police will have to listen to me and not them.
    Previously my son assaulted me when I asked him if he wants a cup of tea. I kid you not. Later on when I asked him why he hates me so much, he said the following to me: “It’s because you’re too nice mom”.
    I asked my ex husband why he married me if he hates me so much, he said the following, “I married you only for the sex so I don’t have to pay prostitutes”.
    I will find a job, in this really bad job market, break free, obtain my test results, and cut everyone off who was not there for me when I needed them the most. I was always there for them. I will never look back. I will not answer their calls. I will just go off the radar completely. As if I never existed. I was never appreciated. I was always a wonderful person to them all.
    What a psychotic narc does is he brainwashes the ones you love the most. I lost my nearest and dearest people this way, my mom, uncle and my son.

  3. Anonymous

    Alicia, I am horrified and disgusted in the system. It’s just as bad in my country. Anybody who doesn’t like you can have you Baker Acted. Even a psychopath narc can do it. The psychiatrist will not even listen to the patient. Psychiatry is only there to dispense pills, not to hear the patient out. Only to hear the person who is having the patient Baker Acted.I’s simply horrendous n this day and age. It’s archaic actually and severely abusive.

  4. Alicia

    My 11 year old son was baker acted on 2/27/17 the day before his birthday for crying in class. We moved from Ga over a year ago and he had not seen his dad in almost a year. Here he is the day before his birthday and he ever heard his class mate talking about plans of fun thing he is going to to with his dad and my son started to cry. He was sent to the school councelor who after questioning my son call the resource officer because he said he can’t take it any more, instead of asking him what does he mean by that which he would have explain to them they decided to baker act him. He was not violent he has Never had a problem in school he was one of there highest achieving academic student in 5th grade never had a reason to be concerned with him harming himself. Here he was taken away from school without my consent of knowledge. Because he was crying for his dad. His explanation for say he can’t take this any more was he was tired of trying to reach his dad and his dad did not answer the phone and he was upset. Resently my husband was hospitalized and I took my son to visit and he was visibly scared he asked mom is this the hospital they took me to. He has said to me time and time again mom I will never go to an adult again if I feel sad or something happens I don’t want to be locked up again I didn’t do any thing wrong. That incident took months for him to not cry about it because he just could not understand why he would be locked up for crying in school when all he wanted was his dad. Now I am stuck with hospital bills after trying to get assistance. I need help fighting this. This incident had scared my child for life.


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