Story of a four year old boy who didn't have ADHD!

by | Sep 29, 2011

A Four Year Old Boy—Gets to go to school and be a child
CCHR Florida received a call from a mom who was told that her four year old son probably had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The School Psychologist suggested the mother take her little boy to have a psychological evaluation.
This mother has read recent news and knew the rising statistics of children who are being placed on psychiatric medication and the harmful effects of these medications. She disagreed with this path for her little boy.
Our office gave her the four facts about psychiatry that she needed in order to protect her child’s rights and her rights, as well as two documents that she could bring to the school to assert those rights.
(below are all links to these facts and documents)
The mother chose to take her son to a medical professional that is on our list of recommended medical websites and found that her son is toxic due to too much alumimum in his blood stream. She is working with the medical professional to help her son’s physical health improve.
Meanwhile she enrolled her son in a kindergarden class and was certain to make known that she is in charge of her son’s medical well-being and the school is in charge of his academic education.
The boy is so happy to be in school without all the attention on what might “be wrong with him”.
Child’s rights in school:
Four Facts:


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