Mental Health Services in our Public Schools

by | Oct 10, 2014

children americaWhile the U.S. Supreme Court examines the constitutionality of Obama Care (Affordable Care Act) the current administration plunges ahead with their “School-Based Health Centers.”
Taxpayers are funding the building and renovating of health clinic inside schools. But this seemingly altruistic intention to provide dental and physical health to underprivileged children has a dark side.
Proclaiming a federal role in making health part of the public school curriculum is chilling enough, but per the statement of the Healthy Schools Campaign, ‘wellness is not relegated to an occasional health lesson or physical education class—it is part of math, science, lunch and everything in between. It means providing teachers with professional development related to children’s physical and emotional development, and integrating health into every subject, reward system and classroom management strategy.’
Teachers, in other words, are going to be involved (with government sanction) in every child’s emotional development and evaluation.
Encouraging educational professionals to identify a child’s supposed psychological disorder is extremely dangerous, especially when that child is then referred to a mental health care provider.
Psychiatric whistle blower Dr. Peter Breggin has this to say about the practice:
“First, there’s the obvious cookie cutter problem. People can’t be easily fit into the prefabricated labels contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders from whence all official diagnoses emanate. Diagnoses frequently change, often in an effort to justify this or that drug. It’s not realistic, enlightening or empowering to reduce yourself or your child to one of these diagnoses. Psychiatric diagnoses are simplistic.
“Psychiatric diagnoses are not genuinely medical; they are not based on biological defects or disorders. There are no objective tests. They are not about the body; they are about the mind and spirit. The medical aura that surrounds psychiatric diagnoses give them a false validity. Psychiatric diagnoses are not rooted in science but in opinion.
“Psychiatric diagnoses take power and authority over your life, and the lives of your children, out of your hands. They place that power and authority in the hands of health professionals. Often it takes but a few minutes in an office to transform you or your child from a complex human being into a product on the psychiatric assembly line–and endless assembly line that can lead to a ruinous lifetime.“
Dr. Breggin points out the worst thing about these diagnoses are the drugs prescribed to handle them. In his words, “Psychiatric drugs are toxins to the brain; they work by disabling the brain.”
If School Based Health Centers adhered to actual health care, in other words handling a child’s dental or purely physical disorder, there would be little argument with their existence. But when the state empowers educational system employees to identify a child with emotional problems, leading to labeling and possibly poisoning him with psychiatric drugs, we are viewing a “civilized” version of Nazi Germany, when psychiatry’s reign of terror tortured and murdered millions.


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