Mental Health America, Obamacare and the Destruction of Artists

by | Jun 11, 2013

Mental health in America is ramping up. President Obama’s goal is to increase depression screenings for adults and behavioral assessments for kids. This is despite psychiatry’s dismal record of treatment and increased incidents involving school violence and other pharmaceutically inspired crimes.
Mental health America is anything but that. The “health” they propose to increase mentally is not only unproven, it has devastated families and communities with the disabling effects of pharmaceuticals.
According to Mr. Obama, it is important to “destigmatize” mental health. He would like to make going to your mental health care professional as ordinary and everyday as visiting the family doctor.
But a visit to a psychiatrist and the resulting prescription for depression or bi-polar or ADD is not without consequence. Many experts now question the validity of any and all psychiatric labels.
In psychiatrist Peter Breggin’s book “Medication Madness” he describes the lives of people destroyed by the effects of psychiatric drugs. According to Dr. Breggin, our society has been transformed by the tragic outcome of these incidents.
He points out that psychiatric drugs have driven some into the very depths of human behavior; violence, psychosis, suicide, and mania. Many of these unfortunate victims of these pharmaceuticals do not even realize their medications have twisted their behavior.
For those who are aware of the personal destruction antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs have caused, The New Health-Care bill’s “National Centers of Excellence for Depression” are a chilling reminder of Big Pharma’s power and lobbying excesses in Washington.
The government even plans to issue report cards from the Secretary of Health and Human Services to these new national centers. Based on these report cards, the secretary can make recommendations to the centers regarding improvements.  Ultimately, he or she can also send recommendations to Congress for expanding the reach of these facilities.
Artists and their influential works can be affected and twisted by those who would use them for their own purposes. This can be as insidious as a “cute” cartoon-based commercial for antidepressants or as blatant as a Hollywood movie casting actors in sympathetic roles as psychiatrists.
Since a long track record of artists being victimized by psychiatry and pharmaceutical drugs exists, this newest trend to “de-stigmatize” mental illness is especially troubling.
Creative children are often labeled ADD or ADHD. A future Beethoven or Picasso may be stopped in his or her tracks by prescription drugs to handle a nonexistent mental illness. In fact, many gifted children exhibit these supposed characteristics of ADD:

  • Anger, frustration
  • Low interest in details
  • Underachieving
  • Disorganized, poor handwriting
  • Absentminded, tending to daydream
  • Emotional or moody
  • Stubborn, nonconforming

How many gifted children have already had their future dreams and careers ruined by the side effects of psychiatric drugs? The truth is that mental health America is being destroyed by psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies, not improved by them. The term is a complete misnomer.
Our country’s future depends upon today’s young artists and thinkers making it through to adulthood with their abilities intact. This should be pointed out to the government leaders currently promoting psychiatric drugging of our youth.

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  1. dude

    Fact. Hope they look back on all this baloney and realize all they did was cause harm with their meds. Demon spirits curled up into chalk white pills, their mission is to seek and destroy. Exactly zero cures. Yea they must be doing zero things right. But whatever.


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