Mass Murderers and Psychiatry

by | Aug 3, 2012

The recent tragedy in Colorado has focused attention on mass murderers, and many are asking “Why?” Theories abound, many of them unfounded and ignorant of the actual facts behind spree killings.
According to some statistics:

  • 78% off those responsible for crimes of mass violence had a history of suicidal thoughts and actual suicide attempts.
  • 34% of mass murderers had a “mental health evaluation” before the attack
  • 17% were diagnosed with a mental or behavior disorder.

The statistics regarding the connection between dangerous psychiatric drugs and random violence is in actual fact much higher.
Dr. Moira Dolan, an internal medical doctor with the Medical Accountability Network, has this to say about the connection between mass murderers and psychiatry:
“There are numerous examples of people who have gone off on a shooting rampage and killed their classmates, their co-workers, members of their family and often took their own lives, then it was shortly discovered that they were taking an antidepressant. The apparency is that the person was mentally ill and went on a rage but when these cases have actually been looked at closer, what we find is that the person did not have any violent tendencies and in most cases was not even suicidal before they started treatment with their antidepressant medication.”
Dr. Dolan makes the point that random violence and mass killings are the acts of monsters. The fact that children have access to guns and violent movies do not create monsters. But drugs that alter brain chemistry can have this effect on susceptible individuals.
Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, PhD and author of a book called “Prozac, Panacea or Pandora?” discovered in her research that in 24 out of 32 cases of murder suicides involving women and their children, the mothers were taking Prozac.
Here are some known facts about antidepressants:

  • They are associated with violent behavior, which includes tendencies towards homicide and suicide
  • Of the top 10 drugs which are linked to violence, 50% are antidepressants
  • Some people are especially vulnerable to homicidal behavior when taking these drugs, as they are unable to metabolize these drugs
  • Research has been done proving that placebos are just as effective in treating mental illness as psychiatric drugs.
  • They can cause agitation
  • They have been responsible for improper Bone development
  • They can cause gastrointestinal bleeding

These drugs are so dangerous, why are they still marketed so vigorously? And why, with all the dangerous side effects, both mental and physical, are they promoted to our youth?
The answer lies in the enormous profits made by the huge pharmaceutical companies who gain by marketing these dangerous drugs. At the expense of our children’s health and the safety of the public, these drugs are continually promoted as safe and necessary.
Instead of making the obvious connection between the use of antidepressants and violent behavior, their spokespeople twist the truth and claim that the mental illness caused the violence, not the drug.
And the pharmaceutical company representatives, along with the psychiatrists who push these deadly drugs promote their lies with a straight face.
The public has been an unwitting victim of pharmaceutical greed for too long, and is finally awakening to the enormous and damaging results these drugs have caused.


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