Florida Non-Consent Forms


Per the Florida statute on involuntary commitment, the school personnel or sheriff resource officer has the legal right to remove your child from school grounds, without your permission, if they feel your child meets the criteria for involuntary commitment. That “criteria” has been minimized down to: if the person is a potential risk to themselves or others. This is not the legal criteria but it has become the measuring stick for when an individual is committed against their will.

As parents, you may be interested to prevent any possibility of involuntary commitment of your child. The NON-CONSENT form is meant to prevent, or at least limit, the state’s ability to remove a child from a school for psychiatric examination, presumably under the Baker Act. The notices given in the form put a school on alert that it should not allow a student to be examined without the consent of the parent/guardian. There are certain emergencies in which removal for examination would be allowable, even if this kind of non-consent has been expressed. But at the very least, filing of the form would give a school pause before allowing removal for an examination/Baker Act.

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Para Todos los Padres en Florida


De acuerdo al estatuto de Florida sobre la reclusión involuntaria, el personal escolar o el oficial del sheriff tienen derecho legal de trasladar a tu hijo de las instalaciones de la escuela, sin tu permiso, si ellos consideran que tu hijo(a) cumple con el criterio establecido para una reclusión involuntaria. Dicho “criterio” se reduce a lo siguiente: si la persona es un riesgo potencial para si misma u otras personas. Este no es el criterio legal pero se ha convertido en la vara para medir si un individuo puede ser recluido contra su voluntad.

Como padres, ustedes podrían estar interesados en prevenir cualquier posibilidad de que su hijo(a) pueda ser recluido involuntariamente. La forma de NON-CONSENTIMIENTO tiene el propósito de prevenir, o al menos limitar, la capacidad del estado de trasladar a su hijo(a) de la escuela para recibir una evaluación psiquiátrica, presuntamente bajo el Acta de Baker.

Las instrucciones dadas en esta forma, alertan a la escuela de que no se permite que un estudiante sea evaluado sin el consentimiento del padre/guardián. Hay ciertas emergencias en las cuales se permite la evaluación, aun cuando exista esta forma de NON- CONSENTIMIENTO. Pero al menos, el llenar la forma, hará que la escuela haga una pausa, antes de permitir que se traslade al estudiante para recibir una evaluación /Acta de Baker.

Forma De No Consentimiento

Non-Consent Form for Elderly

The elderly are, too often, fraudulently & involuntarily committed to psychiatric wards. The criteria for involuntary commitment is very specific and unfortunately when an elder is getting treatment for physical ailments, they may not always feel well and that is often misinterpreted as a mental health problem. For those who have taken the time and the care to become medical proxy for the elder, they can help assert their right to care for the individual and prevent any potential harm or neglect. They can use the non-consent form for elders to assert their rights and the elder’s rights.

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