Feds may act if Florida stalls on health-reform law, March 24, 2011



If Florida leaders refuse to carry out the new national health care law, Uncle Sam is prepared to take charge on behalf of the state’s consumers…


The standoff reflects an ongoing political debate and a high-stakes gamble by Scott and other critics, who are counting on Congress to repeal the law or federal courts to rule it unconstitutional. Other states are quietly preparing to comply, even while challenging some of the law’s provisions in court…


Full article here: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/health/fl-florida-refusal-health-law-consequ20110324-12,0,2087892.story


Information: Florida has a chance to opt out of the mandatory requirements of the Federal Health Care Bill.


This Federal Bill has many mandatory mental health screening programs: click here to learn more about those programs https://www.cchrflorida.org/healthcarebill/index.html


Act Here: Click here to support the Florida Health Care Ammendment that prevents mandatory mental health programs and screenings: http://www.citizen2citizen.us/
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