DSM-V Shows Insanity of Psychiatry

by | May 17, 2013

The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) is due to be released this month.  It has been published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) since 1952.  Its purpose is to identify and classify “mental disorders.”  In this version, they do exactly that, but this time psychiatry has taken things too far.  They have classified nearly every normal emotion that can be experienced in life as a “mental disorder.”  This just shows how the field of psychiatry has gone insane themselves.
Emotions like grief, sadness, frustration, impatience and excitement are now “mental disorders.”  If you refuse to follow authority, it is now called Obedience Defiance Disorder (ODD).  If you like to have plenty of food, water and ammunition around, even just to prepare for a natural disaster, it will likely be diagnosed as Hoarding Disorder.  The most insulting one is for rapists who are aroused during their criminal activity.  According to the DSM-V, they are not responsible for their actions because they supposedly have Paraphilic Coercive Disorder (PCD).
Psychotropic drugs with extensive serious adverse side effects are the usual treatment for all “mental disorders” whether new or old.  That means with the release of DSM-V, millions of people could be misdiagnosed with a “mental disorder” for their normal behavior and be put on drugs that they don’t need.  
One may ask how did all this come about?  How can what was normal before now be a “mental disorder?”   One would be wise to ask, is there some new research showing this change?  There’s plenty of research in developing new drugs, but only a show of hands is needed to bring a new “mental disorder” into being.  Basically, symptoms are grouped together, a disorder is named and it is voted into existence by the APA.
This makes it obvious that there isn’t any science behind psychiatry.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  Psychiatry does not have any medical or scientific test to identify a “mental disorder.”   Psychiatrists will insist that “mental disorders” are biological disorders, yet they have no tests.  They have the opinion that the brain is the cause of the disorders, yet again, no tests are available.  
Over the years, medical doctors and specialists have done a lot of research resulting in greatly improved methods of discovery and treatment of disease.  Psychiatry has not.  The medical profession has progressively been able to cure many diseases and ailments.  With that in mind, it would only be logical to ask where is the scientific support to prove so many “mental disorders” do exist?  
There isn’t any scientific evidence in the DSM-V or anywhere else.  Psychiatry has been preaching for years that they are experts on the mind when actually all they do is put you on drugs hoping to manage your symptoms.  Perhaps that is why many who really are in the field of science say that psychiatry is no more scientific than astrology or palm reading.
A psychotherapist from Connecticut says that if you are told that you have a “mental disorder” it is not the same as being told you have diabetes or cancer.  Even if a doctor suspects a disease based on symptoms, he can confirm that suspicion with a medical test.  The DSM-V does not have a single diagnosis that meets the standards of medical disease.  The same psychotherapist says that the DSM-V is made up of many collections of symptoms that “experts” agree are “mental illnesses.”
A professor of social welfare at UCLA says the DSM-V is purely descriptive.  “Mental illnesses” are created from a descriptive, not biological basis.  A psychiatrist from Montreal said that the reason many field trials don’t work out is because “mental disorders” don’t exist in biological reality, they exist only in the DSM-V.  Yet this doesn’t stop any mental health professional from claiming it is a “real” medical illness when it is really just normal human behavior. 
This also doesn’t stop psychiatry from prescribing psychotropic drugs.  About sixty-five million people, or about one in five Americans, is taking at least one psychiatric drug.  In 2010, about thirty-five billion dollars were spent on psychiatric drugs.  Between 2010 and 2011, use of psychiatric drugs increased twentyone percent!  How is it that so many people are taking drugs to treat depression, bipolar, ADHD, etc. for which there are no tests or scientific proof that these are medical diseases?
How is it that these mind-altering drugs are even on the market when the adverse side effects are horrendous and often fatal?  Over two hundred thousand Americans go to the hospital every year due to some psychosis or mania induced by a psychiatric drug.  Since 2000, there have been sixty-six school shootings that involved use of psychiatric drugs.  In addition, there have been thirteen hundred murders and suicides, also by those on psychiatric drugs.  Even the FDA has issued a Black Box Warning on many of these drugs alerting people to the possible increased risk of suicidal thoughts.  Mass murders and mass shootings follow the same pattern.  There are more than five thousand documented events on ssristories.com that link psychiatric drugs to violent crime. 
It doesn’t take much to realize that psychiatric drugs cause violence.  Drug companies are making a fortune many times over at the expense of everyone else.  Psychiatry doesn’t have a cure so they push drugs.  With more “mental disorders” in the DSM-V, they have only made more opportunities to push drugs and keep their industry alive.  
Only this time around they have pushed the envelope too far and have invited a backlash.  There are at least half a dozen books scheduled to be released during the same time as the DSM-V, all critical of the new manual and psychiatry itself.  Dr. Allen Frances, who was Chairman of the DSM-IV Task Force, wrote a new book about out of control psychiatric diagnosing and the medicalization of ordinary life.  He also admitted that DSM-IV was a huge mistake, as it resulted in a mass over-diagnosis of people who were actually normal.    As an insider, this is a serious blow to the APA and the profession itself.
Even more detrimental to the APA is the recent announcement that the National Institute of Mental Health will no longer fund research projects that only use DSM-V criteria.  This is the world’s largest research institution that previously gave full support to the DSM.  Its director has stated that the DSM-V is just a dictionary at best and its weakness is its lack of validity.  He has stated that unlike regular medical disease, the DSM-V diagnoses are based on a majority of symptoms grouped together, not by objective findings in a lab.
It is about time that the truth is made public.  It is about time the authenticity of bogus “mental disorders” like ADHD are being questioned by psychiatry’s own.  Based on the above information, it would be wise for everyone to question the validity of “mental disorders” and their treatments.  Don’t be fooled.  Do your own research and decide for yourself. 

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  1. Thomas

    I agree. DSM V is a disaster. It makes no sense. The layout is incoherent. The substance abuse sections and “dementia” sections are out of control.


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