Don’t Become a Victim of Psychiatric Fraud

by | Sep 3, 2013

Depressed ChildThe profession of psychiatry has successfully established themselves as “experts” in the field of mental health and matters of the mind over the past thirty of forty years.  They have also made the public think that “mental disorders” are just like any real medical disease and they prescribe psychotropic drugs accordingly.  These claims are constantly being asserted but they are unsubstantiated.  The truth is these are lies and consequently many people have become victims of psychiatric fraud. 
If you go back fifty or so years ago, psychiatry was the profession that tended to those in insane asylums.  They were also the ones that had you lie on the couch and talk about your childhood, where supposedly all your troubles came from.  Back then, any affiliation with psychiatry was not looked upon favorably.  Something had to be done to keep psychiatry alive and they did exactly that by creating false pretenses and fraudulent practices. 
The essence of psychiatric fraud is that there is no science whatsoever to prove any “mental disorder” exists.  If one agrees that the definition of science is a system of knowledge that can be explained and applied by tests, then it is only logical that psychiatry is not a science as it has no tests.  There is no blood test, urine test, MRI, x-ray or anything else to explain a diagnosis. 
A professor of psychiatry claims a test is not needed to confirm the validity of a “mental disorder.”  He said if a test was required then the approximately three hundred “disorders” would be invalid.  He further states that if people think a test is required, they are naïve and illiterate regarding mental health and science.  Perhaps this professor should contact Dr. Allen Frances, a top influential psychiatrist who headed the DSM-IV Task Force.  He has recently stated that a “mental disorder” cannot be defined, it’s BS and no definition exists.  No definition and no test means nothing other than psychiatric fraud. 
Some may now say what about the chemical imbalance in the brain that is declared as the source of mental ills?  Isn’t that what all the psychiatric drugs are treating?  Considering there never was a scientific standard of what a “normal” chemical balance in the brain would be, how would anyone know if an imbalance occurred?   SSRI (selective serotonin uptake inhibitors) antidepressants, are supposedly “correcting” the serotonin levels in the brain.  However, there is no factual correlation between serotonin levels and depression, so the drug is not “correcting” anything and is instead altering normal brain function.  On top of that, it has been found that SSRIs are no more effective than placebos.  This all adds up to psychiatric fraud. 
One may wonder how this kind of fraud came to be.  Fifty years ago, psychiatry was a profession on its way out.   Competition to talk therapy was on the rise.  So psychiatry went into business with the drug companies.  The drug companies financed “research” and the like and together they made psychiatry seem like a legitimate science in order to market drugs.   
Those studies about a chemical brain imbalance were paid for by the drug companies.  Clinical trials for new drugs are financed by the drug companies who will profit from the drugs’ success.  Any adverse side effects are hidden with short trials or the one favorable trial is presented to the FDA and the unfavorable ones are shelved.  The conflict of interest is obvious and is blatant psychiatric fraud. 
Psychiatrists and drug companies have taken this operation a step further.  Without any medical tests, committees just meet and take human behavior and make up “disorders” accordingly.  They are not looking at what symptoms constitute a “disorder” so that a new drug needs to be discovered.  They are doing the reverse.  They are dreaming up a new “disorders” to fit the drug.   
That is why over the years there are more and more “disorders” listed in the DSM.  It’s not that more people are mentally ill, it’s fulfilling the goal of the more “mental disorders” there are, the more people will get diagnosed and get a prescription.  Pure and simple, psychiatry has become a profession of drug pushers based on fraud. 
To make matters worse, everyday behavior has become a “mental disorder.”
If you are sad due to loss of a job, loved one or other understandable incident that would cause sadness, beware of a depression diagnosis.  Anxious about tests, relationships or peer pressure?  Beware of an anxiety disorder diagnosis for normal teen behavior.  When normal emotions of everyday life are no longer normal, then there is something wrong and it is psychiatric fraud. 
The most destructive aspect of this fraud is the drugging of children.  These drugs are altering their growing brains by adding toxins.  The side effects are worse than the undesirable behavior.  Some side effects result in another diagnosis and more drugs and more side effects.   
Children misbehave and pose problems for teachers and parents for sure.  Some may not have a stable home or neighborhood.  Some have environmental toxins in their bodies, some experience allergies and food sensitivities.  Some could be just plain bored and uninterested.  There is an endless list of what could cause unwanted behavior at school or at home but being a child is NOT a “mental disorder!”  
ADHD is the most brazen example of psychiatric fraud.  A teacher thinks a student disrupts class too much and before you know it, the child is on Ritalin.  Side effects of Ritalin are:  aggression, delusions, psychosis, agitation, tics, involuntary muscle movements, seizures, hallucinations, hostility, depression, anxiety, brain damage and slowed growth.  Does this sound like a drug that will help a child concentrate better in class? 
Sometimes children are put on SSRI antidepressants as mentioned earlier.  The most dangerous side effects of this type of drug are suicidal thoughts and homicidal thoughts.  SSRIs subdue your feelings so that you are numb to a degree.  This makes it easier to harm yourself and others because your conscience seems to be inactive.  This explains the ever increasing amount of mass shootings, as the majority of shooters were either on psychiatric drugs or withdrawing from them. 
The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives and solutions.  Get a very thorough physical exam from a non-psychiatric doctor.  Find the physical source of the problem and treat it without psychotropic drugs.  Don’t become a victim of psychiatric fraud.  Get solutions that work instead.


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