Child Mental Health—Parents Losing Control

by | Jan 16, 2012

Parents send their children off to school every day in hopes of them getting a good education and growing up to be mature responsible adults.  But what about child mental health?  Is that something you want addressed at your child’s school?  Are you aware of any sort of child mental health activities in existence at the school?  If not, perhaps your rights as a parent are at risk.
Back in the day it used to be there was a resident school nurse, who every September would note down height and weight and do a quick eye exam or something of the sort.  If you became ill during school hours, she would take your temperature and send you home.  Today the school nurse has largely been replaced with child mental health programs implemented in schools where students are screened for mental disorders.  Instead of being sent home with a fever, your child could be sent home with a diagnosis of mathematics disorder, reading disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, or a host of other so-called disorders.
It is vital that you know about any child mental health program in the school so that you as a parent remain in charge of your son or daughter’s health and welfare.   If your kids’ school does have a child mental health program in operation, it is very possible that your child could be screened for mental or behavioral disorders without your consent or knowledge.  Perhaps a parental consent form was legitimately sent out but didn’t make its way into the parents’ hands or, was conveniently overlooked.  In either case, the child or teen gets screened and that is the first step of your child’s mental health being under the direction of the school and not you.
These mental health screenings are a result of the government’s formation of the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.  The goal is to screen all children through the school system and then the entire general public.  In theory, screening people in an effort to prevent something undesirable or to handle a condition before it gets worse is a good idea.  However, this does not apply to child mental health as it is impossible to screen someone for something that has never been proven medically or scientifically to exist.  Mental illnesses and mental disorders are only based on subjective opinions  and not on any physical evidence.  How else would school personnel ever be qualified to diagnose a mental or behavioral condition?
Additionally, some programs such as TeenScreen, admittedly have a false positive rate of 84-94 percent!  Imagine countless normal children being labeled with something they don’t have and put on a drug that has the strongest FDA warning of increased risk of suicide!  Imagine knowing that there is nothing wrong with your son or daughter and being told he/she must take a drug or you will be charged with child neglect! 
Needless to say, this is not some fly by night fluke of a situation to be ignored.  As a parent, you need to know these psychiatric drugs are prescribed to supposedly “improve” child mental health, but they actually alter the mind and are dangerous.  They have horrendous side effects such as violence, suicidal thoughts and mania to name a few.
This is why it would be a good idea to do your homework and find out what child mental health programs exist in your local schools.  That way you can exercise your rights as a parent so that you are informed on what can and can’t be done to your child without your consent.  Every parent should be allowed to raise and educate their child as they see fit.  Government or school intervention to handle behavioral problems in the name of mental health violates that right.  Get informed on your rights to informed consent.


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