Big Pharma Targets Mothers and Infants

by | Nov 9, 2010

The Mother’s Act, or Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research and Support for Postpartum Depression Act has one bit of truth in its full name. It does support depression. Just ask Amy Philo.1
When Amy’s newborn had a severe reaction to a formula given in the hospital, she became understandably, quite anxious. What mother wouldn’t be?
But instead of recognizing this normal reaction and reassuring the young mother, her ob gyn diagnosed her with postpartum depression and prescribed Zoloft, an antidepressant. Amy expressed concern that her baby would be affected by the drug in her breast milk, but the doctor assured her that this powerful anti-depressant would “make your baby happy, too.”
The only thing Amy had ever heard about this drug was from innocuous commercials with happy endings. And there were no warnings on the drug bottle itself, so she began taking it.
After only a few days on the drug, she had thoughts of killing herself and her newborn. Horrified, Amy turned once again to her doctor, who instead of taking her off the antidepressant, advised her to go the hospital where she was involuntarily committed to the mental ward.
After 2 days she was allowed to go home. She had to promise she would continue to take her antidepressants.
But Amy had begun to suspect the antidepressant of causing the homicidal and suicidal thoughts. She discontinued them, and her psychotic thoughts stopped as well. Amy was one of the “lucky ones.” She was able to see through the promises made by Big Pharma, and draw her own conclusions based on common sense.
In a world gone mad, The Mother’s Act was passed as part of the new health care bill. This is from Section 2 of the bill:
“(8) Postpartum depression is a treatable disorder if promptly diagnosed by a trained provider and attended to with a personalized regimen of care including social support, therapy, medication, and when necessary hospitalization.” 
Big Pharma and their minions, (the psychiatrists and doctors who prescribe dangerous antidepressants to new mothers), plan to insert their influence into the very core of our social system, the new family unit.
Will the Health Care Bill be repealed by a new Congress? For the sake of our mothers and their babies, who are the future of our planet, we sincerely hope this is the case.
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